Still loving my Warlock!

I think I’m actually getting the hang of the play style although I admit I will sometimes “default” into Priest-mode and forget I’m more mobile as a Warlock.

I also don’t always remember what spell works with what and hit the wrong keys at the wrong time, but I’m working that out.

After three failed attempts at LFR Garrosh the other night, I queued up again and after two wipes we finally got him so I’m officially “done” with LFR SoO.

My dps improved a little (new gear helps) – I was rocking out between 75k and 115k on the Garrosh fight (fully buffed, of course) so that’s encouraging.

No Gear QQ

No Gear QQ

Of course I’m not really done because of you know…GEAR but on the bright side I’ve racked up 5 Sigils of Wisdom and 5 Sigils of Power.

I ran Terrace and Zandalari just for a shot at sigils, and I think I have a few more LFRs left to run for chances at sigils this week.

She also needs Black Prince rep so back to the Hated Isle of Thunder.  I got her to Honored and turned that in so I might as well get a jump on the rep as I’ll need Exalted at some point anyway.

I’ll do a few of the dailies but I think I’d rather just farm mobs for rep than do any more jumping puzzles.

She met her first rare on Isle of Rage and decided to go for it – that Haywire Construct guy.  Yeah, she died because a bunch of Saurok aggroed on her and I accidentally ran into another group of them.

Second attempt I cleared out all the mobs and the Construct went down.  Nothing exciting dropped but she’s a little power house!

Void tank FTW!

Void tank FTW!

I keep forgetting the use Sacrifice talent before queuing for LFR but I’m going to try it for my next run and see how it goes.

I still need my Void for solo questing/farming mobs in Isle of Stupid although he sometimes like to run off and aggro stuff I don’t need like the Elites patrolling around…

Since things are moving along what’s the dilemma?

Transmog, of course!

I’m not too thrilled about the Warlock Tier sets.  Let’s face it (no pun intended) they are ugly.  I’m looking at YOU Tier 13 Snake-On-The-Face Helm!!

I don’t even think I want a dress.  Human females seem to run like they have flappy duck feet or maybe it’s just more noticeable in a dress.

So I’m still “shopping” around for sensible pants set that quietly speaks “Warlock” instead of screaming in your face “I R DEMON!”

Transmog for a weapon might be a problem too.  Right now I have a two-hand staff and there are plenty of staves around that look pretty good, and some nice off-hands if I ever snag one to use in LFR.

But what about the swords?  There are a ton of nice transmog options if I ever get a sword to use as my current weapon.

Staves I get and make sense.  I cast spells so I’m rocking a staff to wave around with magic stuff pouring out of it.  I’m ranged so my Magic Staff channels my power to blow up whatever.  I’m wearing a cloth dress so I really don’t want to get up close and personal with the bad guys.

So…I don’t think I’d be winning a physical fight with a sword in melee range while wearing a cloth dress.

Swords I don’t get at all.  I still don’t know the logic/lore/reasoning behind why Warlocks can – or would even want to – use a one-handed sword…