Is it just me or does leveling seem really, really slow this time around?  I guess I miss the DMF Top Hats.  Not sure what other leveling perks I’m missing with guild bonuses and full heirlooms.

I’m anxious to hit level 60 so I can boost my Warlock (yeah, I want the professions boost too cause I’m cheap.)

So…more dungeons and I headed out to Western/Eastern Plaguelands for some questing.

Wiped on the first Maraudon do you do that??

Wiped on the first Maraudon trash…how do you do that??

It still seems agonizingly slow.

First time I actually got to turn in the Disc quest

First time I actually got to turn in the Disc quest

I slowly squeaked up to Level 40 and then…

Yay! Getting there!

Yay! Getting there!

I hit the Magic Level 42!

Got to level 42 somewhere in here

Got to level 42 somewhere in here

Now I have more of the Warlock basics like Burning Embers and Chaos Bolt.

Thanks to koalabear’s helpful advice in the comments yesterday, I might actually know what to do with all my new stuff!

Luckily the weekend is here so I’ll have time to test it out and give that one last push to level 60!

/equip Tinfoil Hat

To quote our Worgen friends, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

I’ve been following the flying/no flying threads exploding all over the official WoW forums because recent Tweets from the devs apparently sound as if there might not be flying – at all – in the next expansion.

The first information we got was no flying until Patch 6.1.

A recent interview with Alex Afrasiabi talks about no flying at all.  He talks about how it’s about “50/50” and the usual other “no flying/immersion/blah blah blah” but I’m starting to think all the pros/cons are just a Big Red Herring.

I think the REAL question we should be asking is:

“Will flying in WoD become a Real Money Micro-transaction?”

All the “signs” are there – flying delays until a patch, talk at Blizzcon (and since then) about quests/scenarios to “earn” flying in WoD and now, most recently “other options.”

Not to mention how they will be “monitoring how players react” which I interpret to mean “how annoyed will they get before they will spend money and how much will they pay?”

Sounds a lot like the “options” are nothing more than gating – and we all know how gates “magically” seem to open when we throw Real Money at them.

I’m calling it now – Paid Flying will be a Blizzard In-Game Store Option on or before Patch 6.1 for WoD.

I’m also betting Flying will be considered more “valuable” than a Blizzard Store Mount, so I’m estimating the cost will be $30.00 or more.

You heard it here first!