Yeah…about those demons…

I keep forgetting to bring them out and wonder why my DPS goes down.

Scarlet Halls

Scarlet Halls

I didn’t know you have to right-click on their portrait to “dismiss” them.

If you don’t dismiss demons when in a dungeon like say, Gnomeregan and jump down with the parachute, they WILL bring the entire dungeon with them.  Make sure to blame it on the Hunter.

Yeah...over and over...

Yeah…over and over…

I know not to use the “tanky” demon with threat in a dungeon but not sure what the other ones do, so I just use the Imp.

I’m a 3-button wonder – “Immolate” + “Conflag” + “Incinerate” = Win.

I just figured out last night after a few dungeons that if I hit “Conflag” *BEFORE* “Incinerate” then “Incinerate’s” cast time is faster (reading tool tips is OP.)

Yay! Level 30

Yay! Level 30

“Rain of Fire” will kill everything – you never have to push another button.  It also makes my Priest’s Mind Sear look ineffective and pathetic.

Actually, everything Warlock-y compared with my Priest makes Shadow look weak and pathetic.

I can use a one-hand sword.  I have no idea why (lore-wise, I suppose) a caster with LoLRainofFire would possibly need a sword.



I made it to Level 34 and I’ve got a whole bunch of new spells to figure out so back to Icy Veins!

If there is a good Warlock website out there I’d love to hear about it – there is nothing on the WoW Forums.

I don’t think I have the Embers thing yet…

Other Warlock News

I did the SW cooking/fishing dailies while waiting for a dungeon and got the Jeweled Fishing Pole.

I can’t use it until Level 300 fishing, so I went to Ironforge to level up fishing while waiting for queues and caught Old Ironjaw at about fishing level 178.

Old Ironjaw

Old Ironjaw

She might be a candidate for a Mr. Pinchy Fish-Fest when she gets to level 60.