I’m the first to admit I don’t keep up with all the WoW news, but I managed to catch the Hearthstone promotion message about the Hearthsteed.

Win 3 Play or Arena games in Hearthstone and get the Hearthsteed in WoW.

Free mount?  Hell YES!

Note – this was only live on NA servers – EU servers will get their shot after their next Hearthstone patch.

People were linking their mounts in Trade Chat while I was estimating how many hours it would take me to win 3 games.

I’m not a very good Hearthstone player and I hate losing over and over so I sort of stopped playing it after the closed Beta went open.

But a free mount?  Yeah, however long it takes…

I was somewhat encouraged by the Trade Chat talk.  Usually the trash talk of “pwning noobs” doesn’t get my attention, but this time the word on the street was easy wins were to be had because people who had never played before were after the mount.

This was good news for me – there might actually be people worse than I am playing so I’d have a shot.

So I switched over to Hearthstone (after an annoyingly long patch) and played with the last deck I had used – a Mage deck.

I hit Play and the first opponent I got gave up about halfway through the match – chalk up one win.

Second opponent was a lot better and royally stomped me into the ground.

Third opponent was also better than me but after a rather long game, I managed to squeak out a win.

Fourth opponent was a decent player as well, and it was just the luck of the draw that let me have a bunch of minions out when they had nothing and squeak out another win.

Heathstone 3 Play Wins

Heathstone 3 Play Wins

I went back to WoW and got my Feat of Strength and the mount in the mail.

Hearthstoned FoS

Hearthstoned FoS

So…it took me about 15 or 20 minutes to get a free mount.  Not bad for a less-than-average player.

The Hearthsteed is actually rather pretty with its stone-like skin and blue glowy stuff.  It really does fit in with the “Hearthstone” theme.



Best of all?  It’s a FLYING HORSE – screw you, Headless Horseman Mount!

I have no idea how long this promotion is running, but it’s a free mount and fairly easy wins so go get one.  And no, you don’t have to spend a dime.

Warlock Woes

I was going to boost my level 13 baby Warlock to level 90 but after thinking about how much it costs to “power level” professions and reading about how to play a Warlock I decided to level up a bit and see how it goes.

Good thing too – once I reached Level 15 I hit the dungeon circuit I was a 3-button wonder.  Burning Embers?  Never seen one.   Demon out?  It died and I forgot to summon another one – for the next three dungeons.

But I was usually Top DPS.  In fact, I was almost tempted to link Recount in Instance Chat just like the people I laugh at.

Top Deeps

Top Deeps

So far it’s fun. I like blowing stuff up and topping those DPS charts. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing and Icy Veins isn’t much help at low levels.

I made it to level 25 and I think I’ll keep going for a while just running dungeons with maybe some questing thrown in while waiting in queues.

Level 25 Warlock

Level 25 Warlock

Yup, I’m rocking it out with my 171 dps – sometimes I’ve hit up to 185!

Yeah, I forgot Warlocks get riding and a mount...

Yeah, I forgot Warlocks get riding and a mount…

The only big question I have now is Method? or Paragon?