Pre-orders for the digital versions of WoD went live yesterday, so of course I had to purchase the Deluxe Edition for the OMG Cute Alert Dread Hatchling pet and some other stuff (yay! another month of eating KD!)

The mount is actually pretty nice – sort of an armored Raven Lord look that can fly.

There was a glitch at first – the Dread Hatchling could be caged, traded and sold on the AH.  This was hot-fixed at warp speed, so if you bought one, you won’t be able to learn/use it unless you have the DE/CE on your account.

If you have the mount and pet out at the same time, the Dread Hatchling “loves” it with little hearts.

Why I'm Broke for Another Month

Why I’m Broke for Another Month

And of course, the most “contentious” perk of all – a free level 90 boost.  The paid option of $60.00 USD was also live in the in-game store.

I’ve got two level 20-something Warlocks on other accounts, but I think I’ll let those accounts lapse to save some money (yeah, probably have to pay Income Tax *again* this year.)

So…with the Virtual Realm mergers I have a bunch of extra slots on Kilrogg, so I started another Human Warlock and got her up to about level 12.

Apparently I’m not the only one, as there were around 15 Warlocks in the starter zone.  You  couldn’t see the quest givers for Warlocks.

I’m starting to think I should just boost one of my DKs.  After all, if these Warlocks are for the free boost, they’re all going to need a tank when they hit LFR…

I’m also getting a little burned out on leveling still trying to get my baby Priest leveled up even though she is mostly doing dungeons.

Level 78

Level 78

I got her to level 78 last night.  Depending on how fast (or not) the queues are, I can get in about 3 or 4 a night.

I thought about boosting her but…the whole point of this character is to learn to heal again, and the only way to do this is with dungeons.  Boosting her wouldn’t help much.

Although when I looked at the dungeons she can run now, I see Oculus in the list so…ugh.

Yeah, I went OOM in this one

Yeah, I went OOM in this one

I looked through my character list to see if I had any other “candidates” for the free boost and all I have are more DKs, a Paladin and a Druid.

I know I really don’t like playing Druids (I hate Balance and I’m lousy with Cat) and I haven’t looked at my Paladin for so long I don’t have a clue how to play it any more.

I’m also thinking that I should boost something I will, you know – actually play.

Oh well.  I don’t have to decide right now.  It might be a good thing to get that Warlock to level 60 before boosting.  I should know by then whether or not it’s something I’ll want to play.

I’m also thinking it might be a replacement for my Shadow Priest since they are apparently going down the drain in WoD.

I haven’t been able to do much with her in MoP, and I really don’t want to “sit out” for another entire expansion.

Hell, I haven’t even killed Garrosh in Flex yet…