My first dungeon of the night was The Mechanar, and it turned out to be my last TBC dungeon.

The Mechanar a.k.a "Lost"

The Mechanar a.k.a “Lost”

It went fairly well – no one had a clue where we were going.  One poor dps kept dying.  Once he died when the tank ran ahead and left a couple of mobs for him to tank.

He died faster than I could toss out a heal, but he was happy with a rez.  I’m not sure why he died the second time because I was busy watching my bars waiting for Purify to come off the 8-second cool down and he went from 93% health to 0% faster than I could toss a Penance or Flash Heal.

Third time he died when we were wandering around wondering where to go and a really big mob appeared out of nowhere and stomped him into the ground while he was out of range.

He had a pretty good sense of humor and he wasn’t pulling for the tank or doing anything wrong (other than being at the wrong place at the wrong time), so I made sure he had a bubble on him at all times and he was fine for the rest of the dungeon.

Goodbye TBC, Hello Northrend!

The Mechanar pushed me a few bars into Level 69 and suddenly my randoms were Wrath Normal Dungeons, so goodbye TBC dungeons – I still have quest items to get and quests to turn in, but it’s been fun!

I haven’t got the Magical Crawdad from my second Mr. Pinchy yet (I might have to go fishing for another one) but I decided to leave Outland and do the opening Northrend quests in the Borean Tundra to get started on the Kalu’ak quests for the fishing pole.

So…queue up for dungeons and get Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Keep and for some variety, another Utgarde Keep.

Ugh-Garde Keep

Ugh-Garde Keep

First one I got was with Mr. Speed Run Tank and with all the corners and stairs he was out of my range and LoS for about 90% of the dungeon.

No one died though (yay for almost every class having a self heal) so I didn’t panic about it and made sure I got all my quests completed.

The next 8,000 Ugh-garde Keeps went fine because I knew what was coming and used a bubble on myself for the speed boost.

So with the DMF Hat and a few more Kalu’ak quests I hit the Magic Level 70.

Level 70

Level 70

You know what else I noticed?  With every dungeon up to and including TBC, you get a goodie bag no matter how many times you get “randomed” into the same dungeon.  Kill the required boss, get a goodie bag.

Not in Wrath dungeons.  You get a goodie bag the first time you run it, then after that nothing but maybe gold.

With my stress level up about 50% with Wrath dungeons, I want a goodie bag for every 8,000 Ugh-garde Keeps I get thrown into.

The “good” news I guess is that I see my Dungeon Finder list has Ugh-garde Keep, The Nexus and Azjol-Nerub.

I have vague memories of The Nexus but I’m drawing a blank on Azjol-Nerub.

I’m not sure if I don’t remember them because they were easy and not memorable, or so horrid that I’ve repressed all memories of them.

I guess I’ll find out…