The closer I get to level 70 the more nervous I get about healing.

Only had time to do a couple of dungeons last night and everything went fairly smoothly.

No “speed run” tanks, no complaining or whining and most important – no Recount spam.

It always makes me laugh when someone actually links Recount in a lowbie dungeon.  I think the biggest laugh I had was when someone linked DPS meters in Scarlet Monastery or one of those level 20-something dungeons and the “top” DPS was like about 87.

I had time to pick up the quests AND loot a few things.  Unfortunately I forgot to loot one of the quest items in Sethekk Halls but I might get it again or just pick it as a Specific Dungeon.

The other dungeon I got was The Escape from Durnholde Keep.  Luckily I sort of remembered this dungeon and picked up the bombs for the quest as only one other person knew or remembered.

Get faster riding, Thrall!

Get faster riding, Thrall!

We had a few moments when Thrall wouldn’t talk to us until someone remembered we had to do the bomb part/bosses there first – duh.

Then of course, is the loooooooong wait for Thrall to actually show up at the next spot.  I swear for the supposedly “greatest Shaman” one would think he could afford a faster riding skill or at least go wolf form?

But eventually he showed up, we got it done and I hit level 68 turning in the last quest.

Level 68

Level 68

This was pretty exciting for me because I now have one of my “big” spells at level 68 – Prayer of Mending!

I also picked up my Cold Weather Flying because I suppose “technically” I can go to Northrend now although my random dungeons still are limited to Burning Crusade.  In Specific Dungeons I have Utgarde Keep listed so I’m not sure when I get these as a random.

I’m still parked in Terokkar Forest leveling up fishing between dungeons, and yes – I caught another Mr. Pinchy.

Hello again, Mr. Pinchy!

Hello again, Mr. Pinchy!

I didn’t get the pet for my first wish so two more chances to go.

I have caught a couple of Mr. Pinchys where I didn’t get a pet at all, but what the heck?

The odds are pretty good I can probably catch another one!