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Why I quit healing.

I’ve taken my baby Disc Priest back to the dungeon queues for leveling and at level 53 all I get is Blackrock Depths.

Now, it’s not Gnomeregan-level difficulty.  All you need is a basic tank and dps who are somewhat awake.

First group we zone in, pick up the quests, tank pulls a couple of trash mobs and then leaves.

Okay, no problem – stuff happens so we queue again, get another tank, run straight to the last boss and dungeon over.

Didn’t get any quests completed.  A dps asks if we’re going to do the rest of the dungeon.  Tank says “lol no it’s too long.”

Me and a couple of dps queue up again and get a new tank and dps.

Tank seems to know where he is going but does some rather big pulls that make me a little nervous when he runs ahead leaving dps – and me – to clean up the trash.

We get to the Grim Guzzler, someone starts a fight, I get banished or whatever and it’s a wipe – a big one.

I’m running back with the Warlock when the tank says…

Tank:  “lol no worries I’m drunk”
DSP #1:  “we missed a boss can we go back and do it for the quest?”

Tank just runs ahead and keeps going so the rest of us try to keep up.  I can see DPS#1 dying to trash we missed.

DPS#1 “are you guys coming back?”
Tank:  “lol are you gay?”
DPS#1 “…”
DPS#2 “I’m gay so…”
Tank: “sorry I shouldn’t be so mean but I’m drunk”

You get the picture.  We had a couple of more wipes.  At one point the tank disappears so just me and the dps deal with the next boss.  The tank is telling me to heal him and I tell him I don’t know where he is (I couldn’t even see him on the map.)

Tank finally shows up and we get to the last boss.  Tank runs ahead and pulls, I get locked out.  Another wipe, but at least we are done.

I still haven’t completed the quests, so it looks like I’ll be queuing up again because the odds are pretty good I’m going to get Blackrock Depths.

I just hope the next tank isn’t a drunk.

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