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Ah, another “controversial” announcement for the WoD expansion.

One must have the Silver Proving Grounds Achievement in order to queue for random Heroic Dungeons in WoD.

You don’t need anything to queue with your friends, just to queue for random Heroic Dungeons.

Let me say it again folks – random Heroic Dungeons.

Now, apparently it won’t be the Proving Grounds as we know it in MoP – the WoD Proving Grounds will be something new, so it’s unclear at the moment if your Silver PG Achievement will “count” for the WoD Silver PG.

Or maybe they have said something about it and I missed it.

I won’t rehash all the fuss about it because you already know the self-described “elitist/hardcore” wannabes are cheering on the possibility of never having to queue with “baddies”, etc.

Personally, I’d rather have a Gold Proving Grounds Social Achievement that “proves” you can work as a team member in group content and “prove” you have basic social skills, but that’s just me.

I guess the bottom line is no matter what “Achievement” you might have, if you can’t work in a group, you call people names, swear, etc. I’m going to Vote to Kick your dumb ass anyway.

But there is something else about it that makes me wonder…

Unlike requiring a “basic” ilvl for content, this is an actual content gate.  It’s rather interesting that they picked Heroic Dungeons and not something like LFR.  Heroic Dungeons have been a “stepping stone” to higher content – a rather early stepping stone – and now it’s gated.

Sure, they can talk all they want about “minimum skill requirements” for “tougher content” yadda yadda yadda, but it’s still a gate.

Where do we find content gates?  Think about it.

The other question that pops up is what about all those free level 90s with the WoD expansion AND the possibility of spending real money for an “instant” level 90?

If you bought yourself a level 90 with a class you haven’t played before, it’s quite possible you will be locked behind the Heroic Dungeons content gate for a while.

So…you spent (based on the “leak”) $60.00, got through the “training” scenario, got to level 100, did a few normal dungeons and… now what?

Maybe you’re lucky and have enough friends still playing the game to get a group for Heroic Dungeons, but if you don’t and your only option is to queue well, you’re out of luck – until you get the Silver PG Achievement which may or may not take a while.

However, if we look at the bigger picture of games these days, gates have a way of magically opening up if we throw money at them in the Cash Shop.

We’ve got all the pieces in place – you can buy a level 90 and hit a very early “end game” content gate.  Do they really want to “promote” buying a level 90 so you can “play with your friends” in the new content then slam the door in the your face at Heroic Dungeons?

I think not.

The next logical step would be the ability to purchase a way to open that gate.

I’m not worried too much about the so-called “requirements” for WoD Heroic Dungeons.  It’s a classic “time/gate vs pay” strategy.  I’m sure that option will be showing up in the Cash Shop soon enough.

Other News…

My baby Healy Priest got to level 50.  I’m happy to say I hadn’t done one quest (other than cooking/fishing dailies)  with the exception of the Pamela quest chain in EP (simply because I enjoy that quest.)  The rest of my entire leveling experience has been through healing dungeons and I’m happy to say I haven’t hit the “dungeonitis healing wall” yet.

Level 50

Level 50

I picked up Shadow as my second spec and got that all set up “just in case” and ran a few dungeons with guildies as dps.

But for “solo” queuing I’m making myself queue as Healer and I think I’m slowly getting back into the swing of Disc Healing again.

I’m a little slow on the draw sometimes because I tend to get distracted by LOOK SHINY!!

I’ve got my Vuhdo set up with some mouseover macros and that seems to help a lot.  I’m figuring out how to use the procs although it’s getting more complicated now, but I’m working on it.

I also bought myself a Spectral Tiger Cub!  I was checking the AH for an Ethereal Soul Trader (not that I have enough gold for one) and there was a Spectral Tiger Cub at 70% price.

I check my “gold reserves” and by robbing all my alts I had enough to buy it, so something snapped in my brain and I hit “Buy!”  Yeah, now I’m completely broke again and have to start all over.

Spectral Tiger Cub

Spectral Tiger Cub

Sort of compensating myself for running 10 characters every day through the Love is in the Air holiday boss and not getting the Love Rocket.

I did however, get a Lovely Black Dress and achievement for my baby Priest.

Ummmm….does the Lovely Black Dress make me look fat?

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