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If I were to ask you “What is the toughest raid ever in WoW?” what you say?

What group content in WoW is *the one* that makes tanks run screaming from the instance, healers swear off healing forever, and raid-geared DPS drop like flies?

Hard Mode Ulduar?  25 Heroic Lich King?  A 40-man Vanilla Raid?

You would be wrong.

It’s Gnomeregan.

I was marching my baby Priest through a few dungeons having a blast, leveling up and getting more gear and transmog goodies.

Level 24 and Stormwind Stockade

Level 24 and Stormwind Stockade

Stormwind Stockade?  No problem.

Blackfathom Deeps

Blackfathom Deeps

Blackfathom Deeps?  Piece of cake.

Gnomeregan?  You’ve got to be kidding me…

We started out fine.  We had a Paladin tank who was a little squishy but nothing too bad.

The biggest problem for me was the layout of Gnomeregan.  All those corners and curves that puts the tank out of LoS.  Add in a tank that pulls stuff and just keeps running ahead and well, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Yup, we wiped, and I died again running back because I apparently looked pretty tasty to all the trash between me and the group.

But that’s okay, because the DPS decided to pull a boss without me and by the time I got there everyone was dead again.

So…I stopped in a relatively “safe” place to wait for the group.  Tank leaves.  Two DPS leave.  Me and the last DPS queue again.

A new tank and DPS zone in at the entrance.  I can see the tank and DPS dying before they get to where we are waiting.  We try to get back to them and die to trash.

Tank leaves, new DPS leave.

We queue again.

While we’re waiting one of those sentry things spots us and half the dungeon comes running.

We die, run back again.  This time we wait at the entrance.

Another new tank and DPS zone in – at the last boss we were at instead of at the entrance.

So…we run to the group and die again to trash.

Meanwhile, the new tank and DPS kill the final boss, dungeon over, I don’t get to roll on loot or turn in my quests.

Oh well.

Hunter and Mage ask if I want to queue for another dungeon with them.  Sure, I got some time left so we queue up and get…


*bangs head on keyboard*

You get the idea.

Apparently the third time’s the charm.  Tank didn’t run ahead too far and we only had one *almost* wipe when the Hunter forgot to dismiss his pet before jumping into the slime area.

Pet brings the entire dungeon with it, but we got some “pro” DPS and with some creating healing, we avoid a wipe.

Eventually I got the dungeon completed and turned in my quests.

The Toughest Content of All Time

The Toughest Content of All Time

The highly coveted and amazing Hydrocane dropped and I won it.  I also got my Pet Bombling Schematic so it was worth the aggravation.



So… all those Heroic Raid Achievements?

I’m sure we’ll agree that they’re pretty impressive.

But show me your Gnomeregan Achievement and that is what will earn my respect.

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