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A guildie had reached level 15 on a baby Panda Shaman, so we grouped up and queued together for a few dungeons with me as Healer.

These low level dungeons with baby toons are a blast – some of the most fun I have in the game.

Level 17

Level 17

There is just enough “danger” to keep you on your toes but they completely lack the “annoyance” and “frustration” factor from higher level content.

You have enough abilities to do the job but don’t have to use a suite of addons to track all your procs, trinkets, cool downs, DoTs, etc. because well…you don’t really have any.

Level 18

Level 18

I could actually think about which of my 3 healing spells to use because I didn’t have to panic about mana.  It’s more fun to decide which spell is the best based on the situation than calculate out which spell I can use because of mana.

That’s why I stopped healing in Cata – the mana management and “efficient spells” thing wasn’t fun, just frustrating and completely stupid until you had “geared up” enough for mana.  Until you had the gear, you were pretty much useless.

Level 20 - Yay riding!

Level 20 – Yay riding!

I even got to practice for my Atonement healing once in a while – DoT up the mobs with my SW:P and Smite the crap out of them.  I don’t even have Atonement healing yet.

Once in a while you get the Dungeon Hero who links DPS meters – really?  You topped the charts at 30 dps?  Better apply to one of the top 10, world first guilds!

But you never hear anyone screaming for a rez because no one has a rez yet.  My poor guildie died at one point because he was taking damage faster than my little spells could heal, and he had to run back because I didn’t have a rez until level 18 and he didn’t have Reincarnation.

Wailing Caverns

Wailing Caverns

You never hear “kick the low DPS” because everyone has low DPS.  Or fights over gear drops because most people have heirlooms anyway.

I think I got more excited when I won a sweet, non-heirloom slot healer bracer than I ever did getting LFR gear.  Heck, all my non-heirloom slots were still white starter gear items so everything was an upgrade.

I even won a few smoking hot robes, pants (PANTS!) and weapons for transmog!

Shadowfang Keep

Shadowfang Keep

Yes, you get the occasional bad apple that takes it way too seriously or sucks the fun out of it, but unlike higher level content, it’s the exception rather than the rule.

So…I’m starting to remember why I liked healing and enjoying the fun I’m having for now before it all becomes a “serious business”, convoluted mess and I hit the healing wall…again.

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