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Patch 5.4.7 Woes

If you’ve logged in after the Patch 5.4.7 update, you probably noticed any RaF/SoR and Blizzard Store pets/mounts have all mysteriously disappeared.

After my pets becoming inaccessible because of Virtual Realms, I really wasn’t too surprised but it’s a known issue and they are working on it.

Apparently finding a multitude of places to spam a “Shop” button is more important than the “Store” recognizing customers who have already spent real money…just say’n.

Anyway, after finishing up my Skyshard marathon earlier than expected, I was complaining in guild chat that I had nothing to do, so Trout linked me the Guild Achievement “Classy Pandaren.”

We need a Rogue, Warrior and Priest – what’s that? A Baby Panda Priest? A cute-as-a-button Baby Panda Shadow Priest? I’m on it!

Baby Panda Priest

I know what you’re thinking – “You already have 3 level 90 Shadow Priests doing nothing! You did NOT roll another Priest!”

Why yes, yes I did…

Hey! At least it’s not another Death Noob!

So I made my brand new, little baby Panda Priest, zoned into the Panda starter zone and promptly died before I got the fourth quest finished.

Yup, those trainees you have to defeat for “The Lesson of Stifled Pride” hit pretty hard…

But I made it to level 10 and picked Disc for my specialization since I’ve been yapping about trying healing again so might as well do it from the ground up.

I can also pick up Shadow at level 30 and use it for the “tougher” zones.

Just before a tiger killed me...

Just before a tiger killed me…

Of course I picked Alliance because…

High King Varian Down!

High King Varian Down!

I equipped my little Priest with heirlooms and Trout was kind enough to fly me around to a few of the Battle Pet Trainers for experience that bumped me up to about level 13.

He also had his Mage give me a port to the Shrine, so my Baby Priest can hang out there and use the portals for easy leveling access.

Level 13 at the Shrine!

Level 13 at the Shrine!

I really, really didn’t want to quest in Westfall.  With CRZ it takes flipping *forever* to get the few mobs for quest items, and there are always a few high level Horde around killing quest givers, so I decided to dust off my Vuhdo and queue up for some battlegrounds – as a healer.

I actually enjoy battlegrounds in the 10-19 level range – no one has mounts, no one has all their abilities and the raging factor is fairly low.

I spent a lot of time in the graveyard because you know, healer but it gives fairly decent experience and a couple of times I was top heals.

Who Da Best Healer?

Who Da Best Healer?

Since I’m at the Shrine I picked up Engineering (yay AH access!) and Skinning for my second profession.

When I was doing my “Toon Assessment” and thinking about which characters would be most likely to go forward in WoD, I realized I have a lot of Miners but no Skinners or a Leatherworker.

My level 90 Monk or Rogue could drop Mining and pick up Leatherworking so I need a Skinner to feed them mats – might as well have my Priest do the Skinning while she’s leveling.

I made it to level 15 so now I’m ready to queue for dungeons as a healer.  I don’t have any “dungeonitis” anxiety yet, but it’s still early…

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