Or Happy Valentine’s Day if you have a SO.

Or Happy Best Holiday of the Year if you had the Love Rocket drop.

Or Happy #ForeverAlone Day if you’re like the rest of us.

With a (surprise!) long weekend coming up, I’m going to have time to do some other stuff besides running 10 characters through the holiday boss.

I was greatly inspired by this post at Tome of the Ancient, although I only ever got one Skyshard many, many moons ago when I was raging through Golden Lotus dailies.   I always knew Alani was mocking me every time I saw that cloud serpent flying around.

Ten Skyshards to make a Sky Crystal so you can remove the barrier, kill that stupid cloud serpent and get your guaranteed mount.

I wouldn’t care so much but it’s a pink cloud serpent – a PINK cloud serpent – so after reading the post with nothing but time and nothing much to do I thought what the heck I’ll farm for Skyshards.

I had my Alchemist make up a bunch of Potions of Luck.  The potions have nothing to do with Skyshard drops, but you occasionally will get a chest filled with useful mats and a Mote of Harmony or two.

Since I’m still saving up for an Ethereal Soul Trader, I had the theory that I could sell the mats I don’t use and make expensive crap from that mats I can use and sell them at the AH.

I’ve seen the Ethereal Soul Trader on the AH ranging in price from about 65k to 100k.  I’ve got about 6k so…

Farming for Skyshards and selling stuff to raise gold for the Ethereal Soul Trader is killing two birds with one stone.

There are also Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Keys that drop from the Skyshard mobs with the possibility of getting more junk to sell and some bonus rep coins.

So for the past few days after my Holiday Boss Toon Marathon, I’ve been taking my Priest and her Legendary Cloak over to the Mogu camps to slaughter them silly for Skyshards.

It’s been a mat collection bonanza.

I’ve picked up so much Windwool Cloth my Priest has plenty for bolts to make Imperial cloth and leftovers to sell on the AH.

I’ve had so many Motes of Harmony drop I can make extra Imperial cloth with Spirits of Harmony and get those Royal Satchels to the AH faster.

I’ve got so many Ghost Iron ore and Trillium drops my Miners are busy making bars and my Alchemist is transmuting Living Steel like there’s no tomorrow (yeah, just one a day but whatever.)

My three Engineers have enough Ghost Iron Bars for each of them to make their daily Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source.

My Enchanter has enough green armor to Disenchant that she actually gets to use her Sha Crystal cool down.

My Scribe doesn’t have to fly around picking flowers and farming herbs because she’s getting enough stuff to make a couple of shoulder enchants to sell every few days.

My Auction House Bankers bounce between the mailbox and AH listing all the “good” greens and extra mats then jump for joy when they can collect a little gold for the sales.

If I had a maxed out Leatherworker I’d have enough Exotic Leather to do something – but I don’t so leather goes straight to the AH.

I’ve picked up so many rep coins from the caches my Panda Monk got Exalted with the Golden Lotus without doing one flipping daily for them – and I still have a bunch left over for another character.

And I’ve got 5 Skyshards.

I knew the drop rate was insanely low so I feel particularly “lucky” I’m halfway there after about a week of work.

I also know that it might be months or years before I see another one but I’m optimistic – if I don’t get a Skyshard, I might just raise enough gold to get an Ethereal Soul Trader.