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I’ve been doing an “inventory and clean up” on my plethora of characters I started leveling with good intentions and have since left to gather dust.

Yes, I finally deleted the 103,928 DKs I started on various servers stuck at levels 58-61, and a few random others I created on servers to play with friends who have long since disappeared.

Don’t worry – I still have plenty of DKs doing nothing but I have high hopes.

Considering most of my “favorites” are Alliance I suppose that’s my “preferred” faction.

I have a few decent Horde characters that I could probably faction change to Alliance but with WoD shaping up to be a predominately Horde story, I should keep them Horde so I can see how the expansion plays out.

There lies the Conundrum.

I have an entire army of Alliance toons doing essentially nothing and my Horde toons are doing even less.

Horde BE Level 90 Shadow Priest #1

My “best” Horde character (yeah, we know how good I am with Shadow Priests but what the heck) – ilvl 515, maxed out Tailoring/Enchanting.

Horde BE Spriest 1

Horde BE Spriest 1

Unfortunately, she’s on a PvP server so she does less than nothing – not even a trip to visit her farm.  It’s a Horde-dominated server but I’m so bad at PvP I’m sure she walks around with a “Gank Me Free Honor” sign on her head.

I hate being ganked so much I’d rather not go anywhere at all than take the chance, so she spends her time hanging around the Shrine checking out auctions for transmogs.  She has zero gold to spend because…well, she doesn’t go anywhere to do anything to make any gold.

I would actually play this character more if she were on a PvE server, so maybe a transfer would be a possibility.

Horde BE Level 90 Shadow Priest #2

Yup, another Horde Shadow Priest – ilvl 480, maxed out Tailoring/Enchanting.  She doesn’t even have a full set of Timeless Isle gear and is still wearing a Pumpkin ring from the Hallowe’en event.

Horde BE SPriest 2

Horde BE SPriest 2

She’s on a PvE server but I hardly play her because I don’t know anyone on the Horde side of the server and the guild she’s in has been dead for months.

Technically I could just delete her and put her out of her misery except for One Thing – she has the Theramore’s Fall Mini Mana Bomb AND the Everlasting Horde Firework no longer in the game.  I think she also has the Theramore Arcanist’s Hat and the Archmage’s Staff, so no way I want to delete her!

I kicked around the idea of a faction change but who knows what would happen to my stuff – the Alliance version of the fireworks perhaps?  I’m pretty sure my Mini Mana Bomb would turn into the Alliance reward which was just a boring tabard.

So…as much as I would love to play this character she’s pretty much stuck.  One idea I’ve been kicking around is to respec her to Disc/Holy and try healing again just so I have an excuse to play her and maybe learn something.

I couldn’t be any worse at Disc/Holy than I am at Shadow, right? Right???

Since Horde Shadow Priest #1 has a Disc spec, if I learned how to play Disc again she might even get some action in WoD if she knows how to heal.

Horde Troll Level 85 Druid

Yes, this one has been gathering dust for a long time – ilvl 368, lots of blue/green gear and gathering profession.  I remember I had fun leveling her up and I actually ran dungeons with her healing spec.

Level 85 Troll Druid

Level 85 Troll Druid

I don’t like the class much though – I really, really hate Balance and Feral is really, really difficult to play well (for me) so since she’s on the same PvP server as my “best” priest she’s not even getting out to level to 90.

I am reluctant to delete her because she’s so close to level 90 and my only other Druid is a Worgen stuck at level 55 forever, so maybe a PvE server would be a good option and heck, even a faction change.

She does have the Wildheart Rainment transmog that took me *forever* to get, so she has that going for her as well.

I could probably pick up her healing spec again and give that a shot so she would be at least useful.

I’ve got a few other Horde characters kicking around at low levels but these three are my only “viable” characters I’d want to take into WoD and actually play.

I’m really running out of ideas…

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