Ethereal Soul Trader, will you be mine?

I want you to be my Valentine!

But your TGC prices are over the top

And the AH auctions – more gold than I got!

So I spend all my time farming stuff all alone

In hopes to raise gold just to give you a home

It might be a while ’til I have gold to pay

But we’ll be together, forever some day.

Legendary Cloak

So…I got to test out my Legendary Cloak in a Flex raid and…

Dead Again

Dead Again

Still Dead

Still Dead

Oh well.

We had another blogger’s Warchief’s Command Board raid and it was a lot of fun!

Except my poor Horde priest was doing 3x LESS dps than the “other” Shadow Priest.

I was hitting about 75k – if I was lucky and didn’t have to move a lot.  I figured it was because she has been somewhat neglected lately and didn’t have the gear, but her ilvl is around 515 so it’s not a gear issue.

After the raid the other Shadow Priest gave me some helpful advice.  For example, I was getting in about 100 less Mind Flays than he was, and my gear stats needed some tweaking.

He also suggested I do the Proving Grounds for practice.  The sad part was I had given the Proving Grounds another shot the day before and never made it past the 4th wave in the Silver challenge.

Yes, it was solid advice and I fixed up my gear and a few other things.

She doesn’t have a Legendary Cloak, but you could outfit her in Heroic Raid gear and she’d still suck.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the biggest problem was between the keyboard and the chair…