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Yeah, I know it doesn’t start until next week and there is nothing I love more than a constant reminder that I’m #foreveralone, so…

Once in a while I’ll do some “window shopping” at Ebay checking out the prices of stuff I would love to have but can’t afford – specifically the Ethereal Soul Trader TCG card and CEs of old WoW expansions.

If the prices don’t scare me away then it’s usually other stuff like they don’t ship to Canada, outrageous shipping costs, less-than-reputable sellers, plus you always have to add in the customs, duty, taxes, currency exchange (yay falling Canadian dollar) etc. that can skyrocket the total cost to more than a trip to Mars.

Not to mention the potential “rip off” factor of paying a premium cost for a used code.

So I just “window shop.”

I was checking out some CEs flipping through the usual offerings when one caught my eye – a “Factory Sealed” Wrath of the Lich King CE that was a lot less than I expected.

I took a closer look and it was almost too good to be true:

The seller was in Canada – no duty, exchange, etc.

The seller had 100% positive feedback.

The seller had 3 of the Wrath of the Lich King CE Factory Sealed items to sell and 2 had already been sold with positive feedback.

The photo was of the item, not a “stock” photo.

The description specifically stated it was New and Factory Sealed.

The shipping was a mere $25.00 (if you live in Canada you’ll understand my excitement about the shipping cost – $25.00 is like getting it shipped for free.)

It was shipped by expedited Canada Post and NOT UPS (again, if you live in Canada you KNOW how important it is NOT to ever ship anything – EVER – by UPS.)

It had a “Buy it Now.”

I hemmed and hawed about it for a while.  Could I afford it?  Hell no.  But this was the best deal I’ve seen in months (years?) and all the stars were lined up to address my usual suspicions and concerns, so could I afford not to?

I decided to take a chance.  If it went south, there was always Ebay’s Buyer Protection, so I bought it.

The box arrived in 3 days and I was almost afraid to open it and look inside, but safely bubble-wrapped was a pristine, factory sealed Wrath of the Lich King CE.

Inside the box was a sealed book, mousepad, sealed cards, sealed DvDs and most important of all a sealed DvD box with the game and the Magical Game Code.

I was still a little wary but I logged into my account, added the code and admit I had a big sigh of relief when I got the message “Upgrade Successful.”

I logged into my Priest and sure enough, there was the mail with my Frosty pet!



Instead of #foreveralone on Valentine’s Day, I’m going to watch my WofLK CE “Behind the Scenes” DvD, check out the awesome artwork in the book, and run around Azeroth with Frosty.



Yeah, pretty much blew my grocery budget for the month but it’s not as if I’ve never lived on Kraft dinner before so…Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

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