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I had an awesome WoW time last night.

Pets are Back!

First, when I logged in to my main Priest, all my pets were there and the battle slots were unlocked.  I guess I lucked out and they managed to fix whatever the issue was – maybe I just needed the Tuesday maintenance to jump-start it.

I didn’t check all my other characters because I only had 2 – count them, 2 – Titan Runestones left to get for the Legendary quest and was determined to get them.

Legendary Adventure

I planned to run only the two LFRs that gave a guaranteed drop from the Thunder King and the Sha of Pride, but I got an extra one from another boss so I had more than enough.

Of course, once I turned in my Titan Runestones the next quest sends you right back to the Thunder King to get his heart.

Fortunately, you can loot the heart quest item even if you’ve killed the Thunder King already that week, so I queued up again for LFR and got the heart.

Chapter III done!

Chapter III done!

Next came the part I was dreading – Celestial Blessings – where you have to complete one of the challenges for Tanks, Healers, Melee DPS or Ranged DPS.

Beating the Celestial Blessings

We all know I’m a crappy Priest with lousy dps, so reading up on all the comments and advice on the official forums, WoWHead and watching videos didn’t exactly inspire confidence.

All the “tricks” people were talking about (e.g. the balcony/invisibility trick) have all since been “hotfixed” and I can assure you that none of this works anymore.

I did follow some advice like picking up the stat “boost” from the August Celestials and chug-a-lugging some potions and flasks like it was a hard-core raid.

In I went, hit the gong to start, and even though the encounter has been nerfed, Wrathion and his Band of Blood Oozes ROFL stomped me in record time.

I think I tried about 5 or 6 times to figure out the mechanics and timing.  Wrathion wasn’t a problem if you can just stand behind him for the dps buff, pew-pew and run out of his cone attack.

It was those flipping blood things that would get me every time.  Apparently the longer they are out the faster they get and the harder they hit – or something like that.

I don’t know if my timing was off or if they were just immune to my spells, but Silence, Fade, Psychic Scream etc. didn’t interrupt Wrathion’s casting or have any effect on the bloods.

The only thing that worked was Void Tendrils to root Wrathion and the bloods.  I eventually got the “timing” right to keep the bloods away from me so I could get behind Wrathion and beat his arrogant little head into the ground.

I would only have to actually kill one or two bloods that didn’t get rooted and I only ran up to the end of the balcony once to avoid Wrathion’s mirror images exploding.

But the rest of the time I stayed on the ground and kept as close to Wrathion as I could so I could grab that dps buff as much as possible, and about attempt #7 or 8 I got it.

Eat My Shorts, Wrathion!

Eat My Shorts, Wrathion!

I turned in the quest and got my Epic Cloak.

Almost done!

Almost done!

The next step was going to Timeless Isle.  I already had a ton of coins so I handed over 5000 of them and picked the quest to defeat the four Celestials.

I lucked out because there was a group already there for the Celestials (yay Tuesday!) so I got two of them done.

The group broke up after that, so I tried the new Find Raid feature, clicked “Celestials” and within seconds I got an invite.

The last two Celestials got defeated so I raced back to Wrathion to complete “A Pandaren Legend” and get my Legendary Cloak!

My Story

My Story

I have to admit it was pretty exciting to finally get it and I sure didn’t expect to finish it up in one evening!

I'm a Legend!

I’m a Legend!

I got it properly gemmed and enchanted then spent a few minutes squeeing every time the wings appeared until I had to reluctantly pack it in the for night.

I’ll need a few more Valor points to fully upgrade it but I can’t wait to try it out – who knows?  Maybe it will help my dps!

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