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After spending the entire weekend waiting for my ticket to be answered (it was for the 2 seconds I happened not to be at the computer) and trying every suggestion given in my forum post, I am still (pretty much) pet-less.

The “system” thinks I’m logged in multiple times and locks out the battle pets/slots, but in my latest ticket response it turns out to be a virtual realms issue.

The recent realm connections have not treated some toons very kindly. In fact, some are broken beyond use, but we are working to fix everything back to how it was.

In fact, the developers themselves are handling each case by hand. This means two things. First, the best possible people are on the job, so a fix should be found and implemented rather easily. Second, that means it will take some time to get every bugged toon and guild on the realm fixed. We’ve seen it take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in the worst of cases.

But I have gotten your account on the list, and you’ll receive an email once a fix is made.

Yay I guess…

So…I have “full access” to all pets/battle slots on only ONE character – my level 85 Shaman on Blackhand.

She can’t even do the pet dailies because she was last seen in the Jade Forest dying at the starter quests and can’t go anywhere.

I guess I could use this excuse to level her up but she has no heirlooms and isn’t even in a guild.

I don’t even know how to play a Shaman anymore (she’s Elemental.)  I got her a set of Adventuring Gear including a weapon and shield so maybe I’ll give it a shot.

Now I know why she was dying every second the first time I took her to MoP – she was wearing a lot of green Cata gear with a few blues – not even one Epic.

If only I could remember how to play a Shaman…

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