I made it to level 88 1/2 – skipped Kun-Lai Summit completely – and hit the wall at Townlong Steppes where I always hit the wall.

Those flipping knock back mobs at Fire Camp Osul.

Ugh I hate those guys.  I hate that whole zone but there is only so much I can skip and anyway, I’m in no rush to get to Dread Wastes.

Oh, and thanks Blizzard for putting the graveyard a mile away on the other side of a mountain from the camp.

I’m also not looking forward to that buggy quest Up In Flames where you have to “kick” beer barrels towards mantid to remove an armor debuff so it doesn’t take 5 years to kill them.

88-90 is probably the worst part of leveling for me.  It’s not that I don’t like the look of the zones, or the characters or stories.

Actually, I think Townlong Steppes has some pretty good stories and lore moments.

I just with I could enjoy them without some of the convoluted and buggy quest mechanics that get in way to make you forget there is a story at all.

Technically I shouldn’t have many problems questing through it with my baby Monk.  She’s got one of the Treasure BoA Pole Arms, a couple of blue pieces of gear, and some healing/survival abilities.

I’m basically following the Icy Veins guide with the abilities I’ve got, so there are probably a few useful ones I’ve forgotten about that would help.

Oh, and I also have to move that Flying Serpent Kick waaaaaay far away from any keys I might be pushing.

Nothing like almost beating down three of those knock back mobs then accidentally hitting Flying Serpent Kick and soaring through the air into another pack of mobs.

Dead Monk.

I guess I could look at alternative methods to get to level 90 since she has a full set of gear tokens from Timeless Isle waiting for her.

Maybe just run some dungeons, pet battles or heck – even Archaeology.

I’ve only been looking at the quest rewards from a transmog perspective instead of a gearing up perspective anyway, so…

I don’t know if I’d actually pay real money for the upcoming “instant” level 90s with WoD.  If it’s under $80.00 USD I’d be very surprised.  I’m betting at least $75.00.  You heard it here first!

I probably would shell out some cash for levels 88-90 – if it was under $10.00.

Yeah, I hate leveling 88-90 that much.