Okay, after a couple of hours of running around Pandaland archaeology sites…

Utramarine Qiraji Battle Tank

Utramarine Qiraji Battle Tank

I never thought I’d see the day.

I was congratulating myself and doing the “Never Have to Do Archaeology Again” Happy Dance when I made the mistake of looking to see what other Epic relics I haven’t found yet.

Turns out to be A Lot.

But since they are all obsolete weapons I’m not too panicked about it.  If I find them, fine if not then blah.  A few of them would make good transmog weapons but I don’t care that much.

I’d like to know how many solves I’ve had before getting the Bug Mount but I don’t know how to get that number.  There might be some Math involved…

I got into a Flex raid the other night and picked up 4 Runestones so after I got the Bug Mount I slogged my way through a couple of LFRs and got another one from Lei Shen.

Now I have 5/12 which makes up for the zero Runestones I got last week.

This Legendary quest might take longer than getting the Bug Mount.

Math Quiz

Okay, all you smart math people here’s a puzzle for you.

My Priest is waaaay over Hit cap.

Poor Priest with Crappy DPS

It’s supposed to cap at 15% or 5100, and for Draenei the magic number is 4760.

She’s got 22.19%  ( 7204.)

I’ve run it through Ask Mr. Robot, ReforgeLite, WoWReforge and I get the same numbers.

I just can’t reforge out of enough Hit/Spirit to drop it down.

So…I tried swapping out some blue gems (Jade Haste/Spirit) for only Haste gems and while that drops my Hit a little, the trade off is losing a whole lot of Intellect bonuses.

For example, I swapped out gems in the shoulders and it dropped my Hit a bit, but I’m losing a +120 Intellect bonus.

The Ring and Weapon bonuses are only +60 Intellect so that’s not such a big deal, but +120?  Sounds like a lot.

Is it better to lose the bonuses to reach Hit cap?  Or should I gem for the bonuses and to hell with Hit Cap?

Considering my Flex raiding is rather sporadic, I can’t say when I’ll be getting chances to upgrade gear so I try to deal with what I have.

Stupid Spirit gear….