You know how in Hollywood there is the “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” (maybe more?) lists of actors – the “A” list ones get invited to all the big events, get the best seats and so on down the hierarchy until we reach the “D” list looking for bodies to fill up space?

It occurred to me that we have a similar structure in WoW Flex raids.

More than a few times, as soon as I log on I get whispers from people for their Flex raids.

They don’t say “Hey, we’re running a Flex would you like to join?”

It’s more like “What’s ur ilvl? How much dps do you do?”

I’ll send an answer and then 1) I never hear from them again or 2) I’ll get an invite without even asking me if I want to go.

I’m not even on the “D” list.

I’m on the “Everyone else logged in right now is better than you but they’re busy so we’ll take you until someone better logs on.”

It’s not that I couldn’t go on short notice (or more accurately no notice) it’s the silence that leaves me wondering if I should start doing something else because I *might* get an invite or (most likely) they just dropped me like a hot potato.

Okay – maybe I’m not on the “A”, “B”, “C” or “D” Flex Raid List.  But I think a little courtesy to tell me you don’t need me after all isn’t asking a lot rather than leaving me hanging.

Legendary Quest: The Thunder Forge

I got this sucker in two attempts.  Either I’m the World’s Best Badass Shadow Priest, I’m way over-geared for it, or the scenario has been nerfed into the ground.

I actually had the most problems with Phase 1.  I wasn’t getting the Sha mobs down fast enough because I wasn’t clicking the anvils so it “reset” a couple of times (Wrathion runs screaming from the forge like a little girl.)

Once I realized I had to click the anvils (yeah, I saw the big flashing letters on the screen “Click the Anvils Stupid” but I thought I had to “save” them for the big Sha phase) I got to Phase 2 and one-shot the Sha.

Thunderforge done!

Thunderforge done!

Next Part – Throw the Weapon at Nalak then Kite the Spawned Mob around until it dies.

When I left the Forge Nalak was up so what the heck?  Might as well get it done.

There was a Horde Troll Hunter there obviously on the same quest, as he was trying the “pull Nalak then run like hell to the Shado Pan guys so Nalak despawns” strategy.

I was planning on trying that one myself, but the poor Hunter kept dying. With a few /point at Nalak emotes, jumping up and down and running back and forth we “communicated” that we were on the same quest and we’d try it together.

After a couple of tries I knew why the Hunter kept dying.  He would run too far and get killed by Nalak before the Shado Pan picked him up, but there was no way I could communicate this to him.

I actually got the quest completed when the Hunter got aggro and died – it was long enough for me to throw the spear, get the mob and kite it around until it died.

I could have left then, but I felt sorry for that poor Hunter who was dead again, so with more /pointing and jumping around we tried again and this time I got aggro and kited Nalak around long enough for a few seconds to give the Hunter time to throw the spear and get the mob before I died.

The Hunter must have got it because he returned and gave me a /bow, then pointed at Nalak – I’m guessing he was asking if I got it – so I gave a /cheer, he sent me a /thanks and off we went to Wrathion to turn in the quest.

I got my Legendary Meta Gem, but I’m not sure I want to use it in my crappy LFR helm.  Heck I don’t even have a Sha-touched weapon for the first gem and socket thing.

Now I have to re-run LFR for 12 Titan Runestones.  I queued up for the first one, got nothing, queued up for the second one and forgot I had run it already, so I got nothing again.

I thought it might be fun to get a Sha-touched weapon just to put my Legendary gem/socket to use, so I ran Terrace because the only Sha-touched weapon I can use is Jin’ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker that drops from Lei Shi.

Didn’t get that either, but since it’s obsolete there’s no hurry to get one.

Titan Runestones, on the other hand…ugh.