Four Secrets left to go!

I forced myself to queue for LFR and try to finish up those flipping Secrets for the Legendary quest.

I got two out of the first set and one from the second.

I think we should get a Legendary something just for having to queue LFR.  Maybe a Legendary pet – no RNG crap though, this would have to be guaranteed after four consecutive LFR runs.

I suppose it’s partly my fault.  I made the foolish mistake of queuing on the weekend.

Full LFR raid group, fresh run.  Someone pulls the boss by mistake.  Cue 15 minutes of “trash talking” about it.

Person who pulled leaves group.  No reason for them to leave because it was an accident, not intentional but from the faux “outrage” by some players you would think they had never made a mistake in their entire lives – except spelling and grammar, of course.

A new dps arrives and two healers leave.  Queue again for replacement healers and get “wow” guy and “wtf” guy.

So…we try again, and this time both tanks leave group followed by a few more dps.

Sit in queue and wait for replacements for 10 minutes.   Meanwhile, the rest of the healers leave with more dps.

There are 5 of us left.  Queue time is showing 35 minutes.

My raid buddy asks if I want to do a Flex Raid.

Might as well since I’ve already spent 48 minutes in queue, 15-20 minutes waiting for replacements and we are still on trash at the first boss.

So…yeah Blizzard.  I want a Legendary pet for queuing LFR.  And make sure it’s not a B/B.