Okay, here we go again!  Another (failed) year of resolutions promised and lost in the mists of forgetfulness.

Last Year’s Resolutions:

I resolve to stop planting Mogu Pumpkins and plant something useful because I don’t need 3,498 pumpkins.

And I did!  Now I plant only Harmony things to make extra cloth for Royal Satchels.

I resolve to finish up the August Celestial rep to get my bag pattern so I never have to do another rep daily again.  Sorry, Shado Pan.

Done!   Forgot this was a resolution.

I resolve to max out all the cooking stuff and Friend reps so I can avoid more dailies.

Well, done on 3 characters.  I figure they can cook for everyone else so…

I resolve to go through my pet journal and delete duplicate pets I can’t cage and find rare pets to replace the poor, common and uncommon wild pets cluttering up my journal.

Sort of done.  I’ve gotten lazy about pets recently since I got all the Celestial Tournament pets and haven’t been back.

I resolve to level at least 5 useful battle pets instead of just my favorites.

Ha! Outdid myself on that one!  Got over 75 pets to level 25 for the Achievement.

Carried over from 2012:

I resolve to keep digging until I find the Scepter or rage quit Archaeology forever.

Yeah, I pretty much quit.  Dropping Mantid dig sites in the middle of elite mobs killed that quick for me.

I resolve to improve my dps even if it means learning basic math to fix my stats.


I resolve to delete all World Event costumes from all my characters because Achievements are now account bound and there is no reason to keep them.

I did that, and promptly filled up my extra bag/bank/void storage space with new transmog gear I’ll never use!

2014 Resolutions

I’m going to play it smart this time and pick only one:

Finish up the Legendary quest chain and get my Cape for my Shadow Priest who is doing nothing except farming and doesn’t really need a Legendary Cape.

I’ll add in a bonus resolution for fun:

Tank an Heroic Raid on my Death Noob!