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Yup, that’s right – after the servers went up/down/up/down last night, my entire pet journal was wiped clean.

Not one pet, and the “Total Pets” was set at zero.  All my mounts were there, but not a single pet.

I tried all the usual stuff – exit from the game, move the WTF folder, disable addons, checked every character on every account and….

Nothing.  Not one pet.

I put in a ticket so hopefully I’ll get them back, all 700+ of them with over 100 at level 25.  I’m sure not starting all over again so if they are gone forever, my pet days are over.

Sadly enough I was having a pretty lucky evening.

I had taken my Monk through Stonecore to get the fist weapon that drops off the worm and I got it first try (no mount though *cry*.)

I went to Outland and ran the Underbog for the fist weapon that drops off Hungarfen and that dropped too.

I went to Tempest Keep and didn’t get the fist weapon from Big Bird, but it dropped the pet.

I got into a Flex raid and got a Blackfuse Bombling pet.

It was when I tried to “learn” the Bombling pet that the servers went nuts, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it or not.

Anyway, I couldn’t log back in at all for about 30 minutes, and when I finally got in all my pets were gone.

Even my Blizzard Store pets.

Two day ticket wait, so I hope they can be restored.

January 2014

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