Still working on the Legendary so I queued for a couple of LFRs and picked up two more Secrets leaving me with nine left to go.

Although queue wait times started out about an hour, I actually got in after 15 or 20 minutes so the wait wasn’t as horrible.

Running a lot of LFRs lately just for the Secrets (and pets!) I’ve noticed there seems to be recurring themes in LFR players.

Maybe you also recognize some them!

Mr. “wow” Guy:  no matter what happens, including the boss going down with no problems, at least one person will always make sure to type “wow” in the chat text.  No explanation is usually given.

Mr. Recount: spams Recount meters after every trash pull.  Sometimes accuses healers of low DPS.  Only links Recount after boss kills if he/she is in the top 5 DPS.  Actually believes meters matter in LFR.

Mr. Over-heal:  sometimes replaces Mr. Recount but links healing instead of DPS even if no one dies.  Raging about over-heals usually sparks a comparative analysis extending to 5 or 6 decimal points.

Mr. “wtf”: every sentence is preceded with “wtf” regardless of the topic as if anything that happens in LFR is so totally alien to his/her experience it is beyond human comprehension.

Mr. “u all suck”: a.k.a. Mr. “ur baddies”, Mr. “u fail”, etc.  Often used as a tactic to deflect from his/her own poor performance by blaming the entire raid or picking out specific individuals in hopes no one will notice.  Usually exposed as a fraud by Mr. Recount.

Mr. “omg”: closely related to Mr. “wtf”, Mr. “omg” has never, ever performed less than perfect in any past, present or future game and is astonished by the possibility something could go wrong.

Mr. “$*#&$%”: simply fills up chat with empty swear words and assumes the rest of the raid is psychic enough to know what he/she might be talking about.

Did I miss any?