World of Warcraft:

Well, looking back over my 400+ posts so far…errr…’nuff said.  At least I get to /yell WE WILL END YOU!


Okay – one more shot at this.  I found another teleport/rez thingee.  How the hell do you use these things?  There is nothing to click on and nothing happens when I stand on it.  Is it supposed to transport you somewhere or just take your money for a rez spot?

I had one of those green swirly thing quests so I decided I’d skip the suicide escort quest and make a run for the green swirly.

I went north and was killed by nasty level 10 spiders.  To put this in perspective, I’m level 5.

“Do you want to rez?  It will cost 6c.”  Why not.  Head south and insta-killed by a swarm of harpies also level 10.

“Do you want to rez?  It will cost 6c.”  Sure. Head east and killed by level 10 wolves from the escort quest.

“Do you want to rez?  It will cost 6c.”  Yeah one more time.  Run west and killed by birds.  Flipping birds.

“Do you want to rez?  It will cost 6c.”  No, I think I’m done.  I’ll just leave my corpse here in the dirt.

/Exit Game

The Secret World

I still don’t get the combat system in this game.  I’m just going for the basic deck build and spending points on whatever says sword or fist weapon since that’s what I have.

I have 7 buttons I can push – 2 I can’t reach – so I have 5 I can randomly spam and hope something dies.

Tried to make a better fist weapon (it’s still the same one I bought from a vendor) but the crafting thing didn’t do anything.  I’m sure I got the right stuff but nothing happens.

Oh well.  Onward and upward.

I get to the solo scenario where you have to search the Illuminati Archives, find the stuff then you have to escape.

No problem.  Eventually I get to the right spot and get killed several times by the Archivist. I rez back inside the scenario, and have to start all over again.

I look it up and lo and behold, you don’t have to kill the Archivist, just escape.  Run over some runes and the secret door opens.

I can do this

I get through the secret door and I’m in a sewer with the Archivist knocking my health down as I run around trying to find the way out.

I see a ladder and try spam-clicking it but I can’t seem to climb it and the Archivist kills me.

I rez back at the beginning inside the scenario, but the quest shows completed.

I can’t get out of the scenario without running through the damn thing again.

/Exit Game

Magic Sparkle Rainbow Kitty Island, anyone?