“But know this…if your Horde fails to uphold honor as Garrosh did…we will end you.”

Probably the best tag line for the Alliance I’ve ever heard in this game.

Yes, we know it has all the impact of a toothless lion gumming its food, but the mere possibility of it makes it the most definitive rallying war cry of all time.

…we will end you

Yes, the writers have pointed out little nuances of story/lore that’s supposed to be the “fist-pumping” moment(s) and with WoD, something else completely forgettable to supposedly show Alliance isn’t wishy-washy.

If it’s in the game, it’s so well hidden I haven’t seen it.

It won’t be in WoD.  It’s all about Orcs and since it’s a side-line instead of a time-line, anything heroic the Alliance may or may not do will have no impact whatsoever on the “main” story/lore.

Maybe the Horde fail to uphold honor in WoD and the Alliance gives them a little “reminder” but when WoD is over…well…it never really happened.

Yay, fist-pump?

I honestly have no idea why the Alliance would bother going to WoD at all.  Thrall is going to be there so why not let him work things out with his Orcs in this “alternate with no impact” story line?

The only “historical” reason Alliance would need to be there is if Thrall has to have an escort somewhere…

…we will end you

Yes, I know the reality of gaming, factions, etc. makes it impossible for the Alliance to actually end the Horde, but come on – no one can write a few quests/scenarios or whatever to makes those words mean something?

Screen Shot Challenge:

45 points – You in front of an Orgrimmar Auction House and /yell We Will End You, +5 for each guild mate with you.

This is what I was thinking about when coming up with ideas for our Guild Screen Shot Contest.  We had all the usual stuff – screen shots of various items/places etc. in the game, but I wanted a few “challenge” screen shots and this was the perfect opportunity to essentially write one Alliance moment of…

...we will end you.

Only one person took up the challenge, and had a plan.  I insisted on going along because there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity.

So…we made /yell macros “WE WILL END YOU.”

We practiced flying high on a 2-person mount and dropping down to get correct positioning and survival strategies for the drop.

We had to corpse run – a very, very long corpse run – into the heart of Orgrimmar and position ourselves in front of the Auction House.

At the right moment, we took the rez, and hit our macros.

“We Will END You”

We Will END You

We Will END You

Yes, it was a suicide mission.

But it was a real, genuine, fist-pumping moment.

It was flipping EPIC.

Take note, Blizzard writers…the lion wants its teeth back…


Pride of the Alliance

Tomb of the Ancients