No, I haven’t quit playing WoW.

I’m just running out of stuff to do until I get 20 Secrets so I can fail miserably multiple times at the next part of the Legendary Quest chain.

I’ve got 3 Secrets, and that’s from sitting in queues for a minimum of an hour for the LFRs that will drop Secrets.

At this rate I’ll have all 20 Secrets approximately 6 months after the next expansion is released.

So…I fired up GW2 again.

My character hit level 6 and found some junk to sell so she has accumulated the staggering wealth of 6 silver 23 copper – more than enough for the (now) 4 copper I’m “charged” to rez at a waypoint – if I found a waypoint.

A couple of events were going and one close to me was a standard “escort” quest so I figured “how hard can that be?”

Well…4 deaths later…

The good news was that the attacking centaurs dropped some pretty good stuff – including a shiny sword that was much better than my crappy dagger so I equipped it, and promptly lost all my dagger attacks and had to learn sword attacks so…more deaths, more copper for the “death tax.”

While I was running back I noticed I had lost all my gear and was running around in my underwear – yes, my gear was completely broken so back to the repair guy to dish out a hefty amount of my fortune for repairs.

And…my bags were full.  I had a few good items I couldn’t use and some crafting materials I thought I’d sell at the AH…if I ever found the AH again.

I don’t even know if there is a bank for storing stuff, or perhaps that’s a “paid” option.

So… /Exit Game

The Secret World

My blogging buddy over at Superior Realities sent me a Buddy key to try out The Secret World.  After a 9-hour download, it turns out my poor laptop wouldn’t run it so another 9-hour download to my “better” computer.

That pretty much ate up the 72 hours you get with a Buddy key so I just bought the game during the Steam 1/2 price yesterday.

I was quite pleased with the character customization and made my character to look just like me – except for the face, eye color, hairstyle and washboard abs.  Okay…so our hair color is the same…

Yeah…Funcom…about those faces…

They are seriously ugly and disproportionate.  And you should really give a couple of female makeup options between “Light Makeup” and “Street Whore.”

So I was working on a mission, killing stuff having a grand time and congratulating myself on not dying when I was informed that I was in the starter Tutorial and well…you can’t really die there.

Oh well.

Fortunately Tyler had sent me some very good “starter” (a.k.a. Noob) advice that I took and grabbed myself a sword for my weapon choice.

He also met me in the game to help me through the first few missions and answer important questions like “what button turns off my character info” and “what button shows my abilities.”

I put my ability points into the “Champion” build so I’m pretty much a flipping tank!  Hell yes!  I was having a blast kicking zombie butt all over the place.

The only complaint I have about TSW is too many cut scenes.  I know they give important story information and TSW has a pretty good story, but I want to *play* games, not watch movies.  Since some are fairly short, I’d rather they be dialogue then kick you out of your game play to watch a cut scene.

But I can live with it since I’m OMG Flipping Tank!

Best of all, with the game thing I purchased I got a free TEMPLE CAT PET!  For some reason having a pet kitty following me around makes me happy, especially if I don’t have to shell out for a subscription or real money for it.

Now, fix the makeup issue and I’ll be happy.