I was running some updates on my computer so I thought while I’m waiting, I’ll fire up the laptop and play some GW2.

I haven’t played in a long time, so after waiting *forever* for those updates, I looked at my character selection screen and realized I had completely forgotten how to play the game.

My highest level character was 5 (Thief) and she’s stuck there because she didn’t have any money for repairs and she couldn’t make money (kill stuff) with her gear all broken.

So I thought what the heck I’ll just make a new character and start fresh.  I picked a Human Thief, color-coordinated her starter gear, then off I went to pick up a quest to help some farmer.

I had forgotten that when you pick something up (e.g. a bucket of water) then you can’t fight unless you drop the bucket so you can use your weapons.

I wondered why I wasn’t killing stuff…

Once I got that down (or dropped in this case) I put out some fires, fed some cows and killed a few worms.

I thought I was doing pretty good.  I even got a few worm droppings.

Onward to the next quest when I saw there was an event nearby.  I ran over and was promptly killed.

No problem.

Luckily I had “found” the portal thing so you can rez at the portal.

Except it cost 2c to rez.

I didn’t have 2c, just some worm droppings I hadn’t sold yet.

/Exit Game

Now I have a level 5 Thief with broken gear, and a dead level 2 Thief.

And this is why I don’t play GW2.