Yes, I know my “No Flying Rage” post yesterday was a little harsh but sometimes when I’m out of coffee, I have to restart the Celestial Tournament 3 times because of bad RNG or blow a bunch of coins on the Pet Bosses in LFR and get stupid gear…yes,  I get a little cranky.

I certainly didn’t mean for you to quit as Blizzard’s lead designer.

I know I was also a little miffed at the Disc Priest changes at the beginning of Cata.  I actually quit healing then and never really tried again.

The “mana management” model with the 3 spells just meant I was OOM after about 2 seconds.  Add in getting kicked right at the start of an instance because “LOLDiscPriest” pretty much made it a non-starter.

I guess you eventually got all of it squared away but I haven’t looked back so I didn’t really know you fixed it.

I never met you in person, followed you on Twitter (although I would check in once in a while if there was something “big” you were talking about) – heck, I couldn’t actually write down in words what you did at Blizzard.

I do know that you opened up the lines of communication between players and developers, and that in itself earns you the respect you deserve.

So even though I didn’t agree with you all the time (and I hope that isn’t the reason you’re leaving), much success and happiness in your next “adventure.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.