All right, I wasn’t going to write anything about this because every time I think about it I lose my cool and yell at my cat (don’t worry – he can sleep through anything unless it’s dinner time.)


Or lack thereof in WoD until patch 6.1.

Tyler at Superior Realities talks about how it’s regressive and I agree with him.  We’re in the 21st century of gaming now, and it should be moving foward, not backwards.

It’s like having indoor plumbing in your old house, buying a brand new shiny house but you don’t get indoor plumbing – you get an outhouse because…digging a hole makes you appreciate it more?  Bring back that 19th Century feeling because “the good old days” were better?

Okay, I get that they want to ground us like the last couple of expansions until we reach level cap.


But once I hit level cap I want my flying back even if they charge us the usual ridiculous amounts of gold.  Heck, it shouldn’t cost anything at all anymore.  It shouldn’t even be an issue.  Reach level cap, get flying.

I don’t want to do some convoluted, long quest chain to get flying because guess what?  I’ve probably already done that to get to level cap.

You can come up with any “reason” you like to take away flying but the bottom line is none of that is the real reason.  It’s not to “enjoy” the scenery or “bring back that Vanilla” feeling or “help world PvP.”  See outhouses.

It’s nothing more than a cheap tactic to slow you down.  How do I know this?  Because you can do everything the “no flying” advocates cry about right now just by getting off your mount and walking.

There are only a few places in the game that require flying to reach but for the most part, if you don’t like flying you don’t have to do it.

The only reason to add in another “crippling” mechanism is to slow you down and…wait for it…make it a paid option to bypass?

Add in some of the developer comments at Blizzcon about how much they liked Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle, and we can see where that is going.

More knock back/stun mobs that are also nothing more than a cheap trick to slow you down.  I hated Isle of Thunder (and still do) for that very reason.  Add in mob density that you aggro so you have to kill a bunch of mobs every two steps you take and you know what? It’s not worth it.

We also see this tactic put in at the Mantid Archaeology dig sites.  Have you done those lately?  Check them out and see the locations for the dig sites.  Right in the middle of elite mobs that respawn faster than you can get another survey tool out.

Does this add any “value” to your activity?  Do I get an increased chance with RNG to get better drops?  Do I get an extra dig site or the tiniest “reward” for the extra investment?

No.  It just slows me down.

Sometimes when you dig a little Sha pops up and you get to kill it for extra Archaeology fragments.  That’s good.  I get a little reward for my efforts.

What do I get for killing 30 mobs to dig one site?

Nothing but annoyance.

Yes, I get that they want us to keep playing and paying for the game.   I get that artificial barriers to slow you down might have some “psychological” theory attached to it like the gambling psychology of RNG.

Here’s a radical thought – how about giving me engaging content with well-paced rewards for my efforts?

Fun and entertaining content keeps me playing.  Making me frustrated, grindingly bored to tears and annoyed makes me go play something else.

I really believe Blizzard should look at retaining a new psychology consultant unless of course, annoying the crap out of players is the ultimate goal.

Gating flying in the WoD expansion is just another cheap tactic – with the potential of having a real money price tag attached.

Sorry, you’re not fooling me with this one.