So…Winterhoof got merged with Kilrogg yesterday…

I logged in both servers and all my characters were there – hooray!

First thing I did was a “test” email.  I mailed a worthless “green” item from my Winterhoof Priest to my Kilrogg Death Noob (yes, another Death Noob –  what can I say?)

It arrived safely with no problems, so I sent it back to my Priest and it showed up without having grown two heads or something.

I bit the bullet and sent my Kilrogg Death Noob a set of heirlooms.  Everything arrived so yipee! We can mail heirlooms to our characters on merged servers (I know, it’s “virtual realms” but that’s just marketing hype for “merged servers”, isn’t it?)

You do have to add the server extension to the mail address:  DeathNoob-Kilrogg, but an added bonus is that you can have characters with the same name on each merged server.

This is a good thing for me because I have a clear lack of imagination when it comes to names, so I have a couple of Priests with the same name and about 6 Death Noobs with the same name on a variety of servers I hardly ever play because they are “alone” so it’s not much fun.

So theoretically, I could have another Death Noob on Winterhoof with the same name as my Death Noob on Kilrogg.  Of course that would mean I would have to make a second Death Noob on Winterhoof…or I could transfer my #9 level 90 Death Noob from another server over to Kilrogg to keep them all in the family since I’ve used up my 11 slots on Winterhoof.

Except I think my Death Noob on Kilrogg has the same name as my Death Noob #9 so that wouldn’t work.

Eeek it’s getting confusing.

I was also able to invite my Death Noob-Kilrogg to the Winterhoof guild.

What else is a big difference I’ve noticed with the “virtual realms?”  A lot of people running around with a “Kilrogg” tag added on their name or if I’m on the Kilrogg server, “Winterhoof.”

I don’t know if this only shows up if characters on different servers have the same name since not everyone had a server tag.

What I did notice though, was the troll activity in Trade Chat jumped up about 7000%.  Within about an hour I must have reported over 100 “language” violations and put about 25-30 on /ignore.

Apparently the trolls are jockeying for position now that each resident server troll has “competition” from the merged server.

I really hate to say it, but the Kilrogg crowd were the worst offenders.  Not that the Winterhoof trolls were any better.  I think perhaps the population on Kilrogg is higher than Winterhoof so their percentage of trolls is probably higher.

There are very nice people on Kilrogg just like on Winterhoof but you know the old saying – “The dumber they are the louder they are” and that holds true in WoW.

Yes, I could just turn off Trade Chat but then I would be missing out on the fun Mini-Game “Report Language.”  I get one jelly bean for every “Report Language.”  I might have to switch to something else because I would probably gain 5 pounds eating all the jelly beans I got last night…

One good thing I noticed since the merge – I needed a quick 50 Justice Points to purchase an heirloom, so the queue for a dungeon was less than 5 minutes.  I had a guildie report that his usual LFR queue of an hour had been cut to around 15 minutes.

The auction house also had a plethora of pets I’ve never seen on the Winterhoof AH – including the only pet I want – Ethereal Soul Trader for a mere 99,999 gold.

Yeah…won’t be buying that one for long time…

But at least some of these items are showing up and maybe in a year or two I will have enough gold saved up to buy something.

I have no idea how this is going to work in the long run, but I guess we’re stuck with it along with the usual CRZ issues.

At least virtual realms won’t kick passengers off your mounts…