I got all my Valor – all 3,000 of it – then picked up the next quests for the Legendary Cape.  My Priest is already Revered so I got “A Change of Command” and the bête noire of every PvE player – “The Lion Roars.”

“The Lion Roars” is simply to win one battle in each of the following battlegrounds:

Temple of Kotmogu
Silvershard Mines

I enjoy a good battleground on my new lowbie characters up until about level 19.  After that the PvP Battleground Rage-Fest sucks the fun out of it, so I didn’t have a clue about either of these battlegrounds.

I had a rare day off, so I decided it was the perfect time to bang these out, get them done and put it all behind me.

I did a bit of reading up on the two battles so I would have at least of clue of what the objectives were so with a giant pot of Bavarian Chocolate Coffee, I was ready to queue.

I picked the Temple of Kotmogu first – not for any reason other than it was first on the “Specific Battlegrounds” list.  Yes, you have to queue for it specifically if you don’t want to do 100 randoms and hope it turns up.  Of course, you lose any “perks” by not running a random.

The Temple of Kotmogu

You know what?  I really had fun with this battleground.  Players control orbs so all you have to do is 1)  Protect your guys with the orbs; 2) Kill the enemy players with orbs and 3) Kill Horde just for fun.

Best of all, the battleground is designed so that you fight in the middle.

I’m no battleground expert of course but the map seemed to be fairly faction-balanced and since the action took place in the middle, it was who could kill orb-carrying players first.

We won the first one I queued for so yes, maybe I’m a bit biased but I had so much fun I would run this one again.

Silvershard Mines

Legendary Quest Meeting at Blizzard HQ:

Quest Writer: “We need a few more ideas for the Legendary Cloak Quests.  Any suggestions?”

Developer:  “Let’s see…it’s a quest chain for a Legendary PvE item so…put in some PvP Battlegrounds!  Hey battleground guy – what’s the most hated battleground?”

Battleground Guy: “That’s easy – according to the data we’ve collected, everyone hates Silvershard Mines.”

Developer: “Excellent!  Write that one in!”

Quest Writer: “Okie Dokie.”

Yup, Silvershard Mines is another “fun” resource-gathering battleground.  I’d read all the complaints about how the map is Horde-biased because they start close to the mine carts but I thought it was probably just the usual PvP exaggeration.

I was wrong.

Add in an entire Alliance team of poor PvE saps only there for the Legendary Quest and you have a recipe for disaster.

No way we could win this one.

I had to make a second pot of Bavarian Chocolate Coffee.

Eventually we lucked out and got an exceptionally bad team of Horde players (who were probably poor PvE saps also on the Legendary Quest) and by some weird twist of fate, Alliance won one.

I will never do that battleground again – not even for a Legendary.  Blizzard will have to pay me Real Money (cash only) to run that battleground.

I don’t think my DK will get the Legendary because she still has to get the Valor and then run Silvershard Mines…

So…next up: A Change of Command.  Apparently this has been nerfed a bit but after four miserable attempts I came to the conclusion I couldn’t solo this guy, so hopefully I can find a couple of people to help me get it done before the next expansion comes out.