Yes, I’m really late to the party on this one, but after the server maintenance my Priest will have about 400 Valor left to get for the Legendary Cape quest.

I actually capped out Valor for the very first time last week so this is something New and Exciting.

You don’t get a heck of a lot of Valor doing Pet Battles/Dailies, so I had to run a few LFR, Dungeons and Scenarios.

My poor DK still needs over 1500 since she can’t tank LFR but I think she can tank some dungeons and run scenarios so we’ll see how that goes.  Completing the Celestial Tournament gives a couple hundred Valor so I’ll take her in for the pet battles.

I also maxed out on Justice so I upgraded a few more Heirlooms to 85.

I’m already Revered with the Black Prince, so the next big roadblock to the Cape is The Lion Roars – PvP Battlegrounds.

Yeah, this will be fun…

I’ve never even heard of these battlegrounds so I’ll have to read up on what they are and what you’re supposed to do.

With a little luck it shouldn’t take me more than a year or two to win each one.

Ooops….I see I missed I have to do A Change of Command before the battlegrounds.  Good luck getting a group for that one.

Guess I better look up the quest chain in case I missed something else.

Guild Fun

We had an impromptu guild run of old content that was a lot of fun.  My favorite was the Naked Karazhan run.  My Priest was locked out (yeah, trying for the stupid mount) so I took my Death Noob.

Nothing like rolling Need on those Cloth Intellect Shoulders and getting excited over a two-hand grey axe drop!

Karazhan Run

Karazhan Run

I didn’t realize how dependent my DK is on a weapon – before I got one I had no abilities I could use except Outbreak and D&D.  But once I got that grey axe all my abilities were back!

We did a few mount runs and had just enough time left to kill the Lich King.

Lich King

Lich King

With everyone over-geared to the max I don’t think the poor Lich King got a Defile out before he was eating dirt.

If Blizzard brings in scaled encounters, it might be fun to try it “at level” since I missed most (all) of the old content when it was current.

I’ll be sorry I deleted all those level 80 Epics.