Despite all the positive things coming out at Blizzcon about the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, I couldn’t help but get that sick feeling that RNG was going to be front row center ahead of Orcs, new models, Garrisons and everything else.

Don’t get me wrong – a little RNG is fine.  But I believe Blizzard has gone completely overboard with the RNG crap to the point that I don’t even know why we do anything in the game anymore.

We might as well just log in, get a big dice to click and RNG will tell us what we won today.

You don’t get anything for killing a boss – you get a CHANCE to ROLL THE DICE when you kill a boss.  It doesn’t matter if you killed the boss the first time and got gear or 100 times and still got nothing – RNG doesn’t care who you are, what you’ve done, or what gear you happen to be wearing.

Some loot stats and reforging are going away, but now we’re going to get gear with a RANDOM chance at tertiary stats like a speed boost or maybe a gem slot.

You can “hire” followers at the Inn in your Garrison with a RANDOM chance of finding a Rare one.

The developers keep saying finding Random stuff/stats/etc. is “exciting and fun.”

It’s only Exciting and Fun if you’re the person who finds it.  If you’re not, then no – it’s NOT exciting and fun.  It’s  frustrating, annoying and makes you feel as if all the time/work you’ve put in is for nothing.

I think it’s the gear changes that really got me worried.  Not the stats thing, but how even Quest reward gear will have a RANDOM chance of rewarding a Blue or Epic item.

It sounds to me a lot like they way gear is handled in Diablo III.  We already have Timeless Isle gear that works the same way with RANDOM stats when you “learn” it.

Diabo III is a completely different game with a different audience (sure, some play both but all you have to do is check out the Diablo III forums to see how they “welcome” WoW players…)

Considering how Blizzard has backpeddled so quickly on the Auction House and re-designing how loot drops in the new Diablo expansion, you would think they would have received the message on how very low RANDOM crap forcing them to an AH or worse yet, RMAH is one way to drive away your players.

I think Blizzard might have mixed up the Diablo III and WoW developers.  If it wasn’t “fun” in Diablo III and you have to totally redesign it, what are you smoking that makes you think it would be “fun and exciting” in WoW?

RANDOM crap is just a cheesy and cheap way to extend play time.  Just like Diablo III, don’t be surprised if it backfires because WoW is NOT AT ALL like Diablo III.

How about instead of RANDOMIZING everything you consider – you know, making interesting and engaging content?