Blizzcon is less than 24 hours away and I realized I haven’t done any predictions so…

Remember folks – YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

  1. New Expansion:  Battle Pets: The Raid
    Yes, that’s right!  You think Garrosh was a Big Bad Boss?  Wait until you’re up against White Kitten!
  2. Massive Item Squish
    No more million health tanks or crying because your LFR dps averages 100k.  Be prepared to see in Trade Chat: LFM must have ilvl 4 and do over 10 dps
  3. Expanded Ignore List
    Now you can ignore an entire server and take Single Player Games to a new level.
  4. New Race:  Old Gods
    You can now be an Old God!  Of course you’ll be imprisoned somewhere and won’t be able to do anything but with your ilvl 4 and 10 dps you won’t be able to do much anyway.
  5. New Class: Titan
    You only have one spell: Annihilate.  May need to be balanced for PvP.
  6. New Profession: Wordsmith
    No longer look like an uneducated moron in Trade Chat!  Learn basic spelling and grammar skills!
  7. New Battleground: Auction House
    Tired of being undercut?  Wonder where all those auction fees go?  Now you will find out, and grab some honor while you’re doing it!
  8. New Feature: In-Game Store
    Attach your favorite credit card and pay for everything as you play!  Want to travel somewhere? Only $2.99!  Want to see another zone?  Only $14.99!  Want to use a spell? Only $25.99!

So…what are your predictions?