OMG I’m so excited!

I’m not going of course (yeah, $3,000 air fare – I can fly to London, England for less) but I got the Virtual Ticket so I can get the Murkalot PET!

The last one I watched with VT was better than I expected.  Surprisingly, the most fun was watching the two “top” guilds duke it out in a raid run.

Did I mention the PET Murkalot?

New Expansion?  What’s it going to be?  Does it matter?  I’ll buy it anyway!

I might even see what’s up with Diablo III and Hearthstone even though I don’t play them much.  I don’t have a clue about Starcraft so I can probably skip that part.

I’m still wondering if I should spend $2.99 to get the Hearthstone card just in case I decide to play it when it’s released – I guess whatever “buzz” is going on with Heathstone will help me decide.

Did I mention the Murkalot PET?

I hope I can figure out a way to watch Blizzcon on my TV instead of my computer.  I’m thinking I better get all the regular real life “stuff” done early, and maybe buy myself a giant pizza to last the entire weekend.

The most pressing issue about Blizzcon is when will we get the Murkalot PET?  OMG I can’t wait…

One more thing…Blink 182…yeah, never heard of them but I’m hoping they won’t be as dumb as the last closing act 😛