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Hang on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen because this will throw you for a loop:

I can count to 6.

Shocking, I know because I’m not a theorycrafting mathy-type person.  Blizzard doesn’t really explain the complicated algorithms/formulas they use for stuff like gear stats.

I have to go to third-party sites to find out what’s going on and even then I have to use AskMrRobot or ReforgeLite to optimize my gear.

Hint:  Give me a numbers like “Haste should be 1024” instead of “Hit should be 7.2%.”  I can match numbers but percentages make my head explode…

But I know I can count to 6.

So…instead of “explaining” the math stuff behind reforging or making it simple for the mathematically-challenged for example, Blizzard has instead presented me with an Archaeology countdown to make sure I know that I can dig 6 times at a site.

When I finish 6 digs, I get a little pop-up box telling me the site is completed.

Even if I couldn’t count to 6 and tried to dig at say, 7 I will get a message “cannot use that here” so I know I’m done.  The red area on the map for a dig site also disappears when you finish a site.

This gives me two clues that a site is completed and maybe I should go on to the next one.

Yes, I freely admit that sometimes I get distracted and lose count but the “cannot use that here” message is fairly reliable to let me know I’m finished with a dig site.

How about an option to turn off the counter for those of us who can count to 6?

One more tiny thing…you know when your queue pops and you get blasted with the sound?  How about a way to TURN IT DOWN without turning down ALL the sound?  The entire neighborhood really doesn’t need to know my queue popped…

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