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My little Draenei DK hit level 90 this weekend, making this my 9th level 90 and officially confirming that yes indeed, I have no life.

Yes, another Level 90 doing nothing.

Yes, another Level 90 doing nothing.

Actually she has done a few things.  She’s in a fairly active guild so she was able to go on a Timeless Isle run and get some gear (no gold for gems and enchants though – I can’t make gold no matter where I am) and even got to tank a few Heroic Dungeons when a couple of over-geared guildies ran us lowbies through them for gear and giggles.

Note:  Someone in 560 raid gear will pull aggro off an ilvl 430 tank no matter how many times you spam your Taunt button – don’t worry about it.

Now I feel obligated to get another character to level 90 so I have 10 level 90s doing nothing.  Ten just seems like a nice, even number.  Nine sounds so unfinished.

So…which character should be next?  Here are my options:

  • Level 85 Shaman – tried to level this one in Pandaria and OMG I don’t have a clue how to play a Shaman any more.  It was horribly slow and painful with many deaths – and I hadn’t even reached Paw’don Village yet.
  • Level 85 Druid – forget how to play Druids too, and she’s on a PvP server so…no.
  • Level 65 Monk – my cutie Panda Monk stuck in Outland.  If I can get past Outland this might be fun to level.
  • Level 62 Priest – thought I would level this one as Disc to learn healing again but I don’t know if I want to heal.  I’m thinking Delete.
  • Level 61 DK – yeah, I need another Death Noob…
  • Level 60 DK – I forgot about this one
  • Level 55 DK – …
  • Level 55 DK – yup, that’s two of them…
  • Level 43 Druid – see Level 85 Druid.  Not on a PvP server but I really, really don’t like Balance, can’t heal and haven’t figured out Cat yet.
  • Level 43 Paladin – I should give this one another shot.  She’s probably tired of running the bank.
  • Level 40 Rogue – actually I love Rogues and they are a lot of fun.  Unfortunately my level 90 Rogue can’t dps her way out of a paper bag.  Decked out in TI gear and rocking 28k…if she’s lucky.  It’s extremely embarrassing.  Not Enough Energy.  Not Enough Energy.  Yes, I’ve read Icy-Veins…and Not Enough Energy.
  • Level 26 Rogue – bank alt
  • Level 26 Warlock – this might be worth leveling up since everyone tells me Warlocks are fun.  I just can’t decide which spec because I really don’t know them well enough yet.  I picked the Derpy Face and can’t stand looking at her.  I might delete and reroll.
  • Levels 1 – 11 – a couple of Monks, Priests, etc. that I should probably delete when I get the Safari Hats and Explorer Tabards out of their mailbox.

Yikes!  I need to clean up the DK mess.  I’d like to keep the level 61 – maybe try Unholy spec for something different – but I’d have to transfer her (yes, another dead server) or wait until Virtual Realms.  I think I can safely delete the rest of them.

Brawl’n Priest

After reading some Brawler’s Guild strats and learning that most of the fights favor ranged up to the magic Rank 4 to let you purchase the pet, I took my Priest over to give it a try.

She did really well.  The basic strategy for all fights is run around like a stupid, spam Shadow Word: Pain, Void Tendrils and Shadow Word: Death.

She only died once when Void Tendrils missed and the boss got too close.  Other than that, I made it to Rank 4 and got my pet!



Brawler’s Guild wasn’t too bad. I might put it on my list of Something to Do when there’s nothing else to do.

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