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I ran my Priest through the last available SoO LFR last night, and once again forgot to use the quest item vision thingy from Timeless Isle.

*bangs head on keyboard*

Why can’t I remember to use that stupid thing and be done with it?


After an hour queue, I got in at the second boss.  Didn’t look like there had been a wipe-fest and there were no Determination stacks.

The raid had split up into two groups and at that point I realized I had forgotten to look up the fights before I queued so I had no idea what was going on.

It didn’t matter because whoever was giving the instructions had the raid running like clockwork.  We lost a dps or two during some of the fights but no wipes – not a single one.

We got the last boss down in record time and Instance chat was full of people amazed at how well it went, thanking everyone, and a few even said it was the best LFR they had ever experienced.

The Best LFR

The Best LFR

It wasn’t because half the raid was “carried” by a few dps superstars.

There were a couple of high dps people but not *that* high. I was #4 on Recount and I’m no dps superstar, so the majority were under 100k – most around 70k-90k and some a little less.

That’s the way LFR should be – every time.

Oh, and those gloves I got weren’t an upgrade…

Brawler’s Guild

Haven’t been back there yet, but I think I’ll take my Priest and DK there and see how it goes – one of them should get to Rank 4 so I can get the pet!

Brawler's Guild

Brawler’s Guild

I saw that my DK had the Lady and the Bear ticket so I might try that one. I looked it up and…it’s a jumping game so…yeah…I hate jumping games.

Celestial Tournament

I managed to squeak by another win at the Celestial Tournament this week, so I need one more to purchase a second celestial pet.  I think I’m going to get Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji because it’s just so darn cute!

Master of the Masters

Master of the Masters

I follow the WoWHead guide and it’s worked pretty good for me, except for Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji because you need to use Ascension at the right time and I don’t know where to find or show the enemy’s abilities cool down.  An addon?  I don’t know.

I was using the Unborn Val’kry/two Nordrassil Wisps strategy and because my timing is always off for Ethereal I get my behind handed to me.  My Light doesn’t hit because of the dodge and then well…it’s over.

So I’ve had to resort to a backup team consisting of a Undead with Ascension and two Oozelings.  I only have the Disgusting Oozeling and a P/P Jade Oozeling and they work really well, so I think I will find another P/P Jade Oozeling and use it in place of the Disgusting Oozeling for the extra punch.

I might try the Pandaren Water Spirit/Chrominius strategy and see how that works.

I’ve been saving this one for last because I have the most trouble with it, but I think I’ll switch to doing it first since if I have to leave and restart to heal then I only have a few to do over again instead of the all of them.

Yeah, I’m a little slow…

Heathstone Beta

The daily quest was win two games with a Druid or Rogue deck.  I had some “new” druid cards so I went with that and lost every flipping game.  No wins = no gold = no new cards.

I don’t think I like this game very much…

October 2013

Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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