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My Priest *finally* got the last Wisdom sigil she needed for the legendary.

I ran the first part of LFR SoO and got about a million more of the sigils she already had cluttering up her bank, and got one Wisdom sigil at the last boss.

I ran over to Wrathion to turn them in, and of course the next quest is looting the thingy from the Sha boss in ToES.

I queued up for it just to get it over with and hit a 56 minute queue.

Yeah.  Maybe tomorrow…

Talk about late to the legendary party.

With some time to kill and nothing much to do, I remember I read this post at The Harpy’s Nest and it sounded pretty inspiring.

I actually bought an invitation off the Black Market AH for about 5K (yeah, I’m stupid) shortly after the Brawler’s Guild went live because a friend thought it would be fun.

Well, the friend transferred to another server shortly after and disappeared, so I had a very expensive Blood-Soaked Invitation I never used.

I forgot there was the possibility of getting a pet to purchase once you reached Rank 4.

So the big question was who would have a better chance of getting to Rank 4?  Priest or Death Noob?

I read over some Brawler’s Guild strats I found and decided my Plate-Wearing-Army-Of-The-Dead-LOLDeath-Strike Death Noob would probably have a better chance than Squishy-No-Interrupt-OOM Priest.

I was sort of right.  I forgot how much Blizzard hates Melee and some fights are definitely Range-Friendly but what the heck – I’ll try anyway.

The first couple went easy but Goredome one-shot me right out of the gate before I could hit my Army of the Dead button.

Got it the second try and finished Rank 1 with no problems.

I know they get progressively more difficult but it’s a no-pressure something to do when I’ve been raged-out on Timeless Isle.

All I need is Rank 4 for the pet and I can happily quit after that knowing that my 5K wasn’t spent for nothing at all.

Anyway, I need to practice Frost on my Death Noob because she needs to run some LFR for her legendary quest and no way I’m queuing as tank.

Over to Hearthstone, my “Daily Quest” was win two games with a Mage or Warlock deck.  I had a Mage deck going so I tweaked a few cards and won my first game.

I noticed that I always seem to win the first game.  After that it’s a lose-fest.  I should just stop at the first game.

After my first win I ran up against a string of Paladin decks and a couple of Warlock decks that stomped me into the ground.  It took more than a few games for me to win that second game for the quest.  The two games I won were against a Warlock and another Mage.

I never had a rat’s chance in hell against any Paladin deck.

Had enough gold to purchase another pack and I got Druid/Shaman cards.  I have yet to see a Hunter card.

Oh, and by the way….PALADIN DECKS ARE OP!


Nerf please.

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