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Took my Horde priest over to Timeless Isle and ran around there for a while with guildies.  She hadn’t even done the “beginner” quest(s) yet but that didn’t matter.

I knew where all the good stuff was and got my Crystal of Insanity.

We killed a few rares that dropped pets and…nothing.


I tried to solo the sprite crystal and got killed before I could kill the couple of Angry Sprites that spawned so…nothing.


We got the event that spawns the guy that drops the Glyph of Skeleton and he dropped…nothing.


We bought some Gliders and flew over to Garnia, killed it and…no pet.


We braved those stupid Gulp Frogs to get to Bufo and…no pet.


I now have a new message in my Guild Notes.  I have to admit it’s pretty funny.

Yeah, I think they should rename this place Raging Isle.

So… over to Hearthstone Beta to try for my 3 wins.  First couple I played I won quite easily and got my 3 wins and a new deck…full of Priest/Druid cards.


I won another game anyway, and I was beginning to think that maybe my “pretty card” theory was working, or perhaps I was a strategic genius.

Then I went up against another Hunter deck who obviously knew what he was doing.  I was down to about 8 health and he had a bunch of minions out with a whole lot of modifier cards to up every card’s damage.

I had a bunch of modifier cards I couldn’t play because I had no minions (minions aren’t very pretty.)

I got stomped into the ground, and every game after that so…*rage.*

I hate losing.

I don’t know why I play games…

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