I tweaked my Hunter deck a little and forget following the usual strategy of picking low mana cards to get them out there fast.

All this did was increase my Lose to Win ratio.

So I went through the cards and picked the ones I thought were pretty.  I even threw in a couple of Neutral Rares I had picked up in the packs I “purchased” with gold (yeah, like I’m going to spend Real Money to lose.)

The pack I bought had nothing but Paladin cards.  My Paladin deck is level 1.  My Hunter deck is level 10 so I stuck with my Hunter deck.

I had a Quest to play 3 games – not win, just play – so there was no pressure.

I lost the first two but won the third!  Pretty cards for the win!

Today’s Quest was *win* three games.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

I noticed I had enough gold to buy another deck and again, all Paladin cards.

I think Blizzard has gone a little overboard with the RNG crap.  Sucks the fun out of everything, but on the bright side now I know for certain I’ll never spend any real money for random worthless cards.

Back to my Hunter deck.

I did a bit more tweaking to put in some useful cards (depending on whether or not the RNG card draw actually pulls them) and played a couple of rounds.

First one I lost pretty bad, but the next one I won so I have two – count them, two – wins.

Yes, I won one!

Yes, I won one!

The scary part is there are actually two other players out there who are worse than I am.

I hope they didn’t spend any Real Money.