Checked my email and got a Hearthstone Beta key – yay!  Something to do besides banging my head on the keyboard!

Or so I thought…

Never played many card games of the CCG variety before, so this was New and Exciting.

Aside from some rather unintuitive and strange UI issues, I started at the basic Practice mode with the default Mage and promptly got stomped into the ground by the Hunter.

I tried another couple of Heroes and eventually won and unlocked the Rogue.

Cue my game buddy (who also has the Beta) asking me which class I was playing.

Ummmm….I’ve only unlocked the Rogue.  Can’t get the Hunter.  Paladin wipes up the floor with me.  Ditto for Priest, Warlock and you get the picture.

So my buddy plays a couple of games with me and lets me win so I can unlock the ones I can’t beat.

Trust me – letting me win wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

It’s tough to lose a match when your opponent (me) is down to about 2 health, no cards up more powerful than “3” and you’ve got the entire play area filled with your hard-hitting cards and almost full health.

Yup, he even had to use one of his cards to heal me up so I would survive long enough to win.

Not to mention having to tell me which one of my cards would be best used against his cards.

Gotta love a game buddy like that – pure gold.

So…rack up another game I suck at, and a F2P one at that where I would have to spend $50.00+ to get the “good” cards and probably still suck.

Yeah, F2P…

The best thing about this game?  Watching Anduin getting smashed in the face with an attack animation.  Made me giggle every time.

I eventually got all the Practice ones open and promptly got my behind handed to me in the “Expert” mode.

And they want me to spend money on this…

That ain’t Free to Play – that’s Pay to Lose.