1. Log onto every server you have alts and try to find one with enough players to kill Moonfang.
  2. Since the server all your level 90s are on is a dead server and no one will show up to kill Moonfang, be prepared to take low level, undergeared alts to the raid.
  3. Rotate check your level 30-85 alts for Moonfang.
  4. If Moonfang is up and enough high level players are around to kill it, try to run in right at the pull and give Moonfang your best shot.  Note you do not have to be in a raid group.
  5. You will die.
  6. Run back from the grave yard but DO NOT res – watch to see if Moonfang resets as some genius will inevitably kite Moonfang around resetting the boss several times.
  7. If Moonfang resets, take the res, got to step 4 and repeat.
  8. If Moonfang does not reset, take the res AFTER Moonfang is dead.
  9. Loot your 3x Sharp Fangs
  10. Bang head on keyboard
  11. Repeat for several hours a night every day of DMF

Most Inefficient

  1. Log onto PvP server because you have a level 90 on it.
  2. Wait for Moonfang, get ganked 4 times before Moonfang spawns.
  3. Die 6 times during Moonfang fight.
  4. Loot 4 x Sharp Fangs
  5. Get ganked again.
  6. Bang head on keyboard and remember why you hate PvP.

Best Method

  1. Watch Auction House
  2. See Moon Moon pet listed at 50% or less.
  3. “Borrow” enough gold from all your alts and mains to purchase Moon Moon
  4. Buy Moon Moon
  5. Learn Pet
  6. Worry about having no gold at all tomorrow
  7. /Dance
Moon Moon

Moon Moon

Update: EEEK!! Just checked my email and I got a Hearthstone beta invite! Now I have to wait til I get home from work. >.<