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Update:  Apparently Blizzard has “hot fixed” the ability to trade drops from the Timeless Isle for “eligible” characters, so trading the 30,000 pieces of mail gear I got for something useful, Burdens or the mount are now a no-go.

I’m guessing it’s because trading/selling/giving away drops circumvents the single-player enjoyment of the “casino-like” experience where one sits plugging chips into a slot machine.  Sure, there are other suckers around us plugging chips into slot machines but we all feel connected through the power of bad RNG.

Now we just can’t do anything about it.

Okay – I’ve been putting off and putting off trying the Celestial Tournament after I was royally stomped into the ground the first day.  I didn’t have a plan or anything, just wanted to see it but now I must be properly prepared before giving it another shot.

I’ve been checking out guides, strats, etc. everywhere from blogs to the official forums to fan sites and I am not prepared.

I put together some teams for the first battles and after checking pets/abilities I still need to level 3 or 4 more pets (from levels 1 to 22) before I can even think about stepping into the tournament.

I can level pets fairly fast – 1 to 25 doing the pet dailies – but I don’t want to wait another 4 or 5 days.  I might just throw in a few pets with abilities close to what I need and see what happens.

Yeah, I want my little Xu-Fu!

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