Step 1:  Look over all your characters and identify those with professions that can make you some gold.

Step 2:  Do your profession thing and hope your junk sells on the AH.

Step 3:  Save up your gold and buy Timeless Isle pets from the AH.

Alternate Strategy:

Update:  Alternate Strategy no longer works since Blizzard hot-fixed the ability to trade the mount (and other items to eligible players.)

Try to get in on every Huolon kill if you have the mount.  If the mount drops for you again, announce in Timeless Isle chat that you will:

1) sell the mount for obscene amounts of gold to eligible players (you have a 2-hour window to trade the mount to anyone in on the kill) or

2) trade the mount for Timeless Isle pets you don’t have (I suggest at least 2-3 pets for the mount.)


Other than the above, I have no idea because RNG hates me…