No pet from Garnia – again and again and again…

Managed to snag the crystal for the sprites with my Priest and DK, but wouldn’t you know it – not one Scary Sprite spawned for either of them.

Someone beat me to it once and 4 Scary Sprites spawned for them, but they died fighting the sprites so I don’t know if they killed a Scary one and got the pet or not.

Finally got a whack at Leafmender – no pet.

No Rock Moss, Jadefire, Skunky, etc. pets.

Slugged my way through a Flex raid *just* at a shot at the Sha that drops the pet – nothing.  I got 3 ilvl 540 gear upgrades but who cares when you don’t get a pet?

Yeah, Sha of Where's the Pet??

Yeah, Sha of Where’s the Pet??

Blizzard really needs a “Trade Gear for Pet” option.


I was killing the spirits in the cave after another failed Rock Moss/Jadefire spawn for the daily (and yeah, I was mad at them) when an Ominous Flame dropped.

I didn’t even know the “regular” spirits dropped anything, but I finally got a pet!

Ominous Flame

Ominous Flame

I really need to drag myself away from the pet RNG-fest and make some gold so I can gem/enchant my new gear.

I also need to get off my behind and put together some teams for the Celestial Tournament – there are pets to be had!