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I got Punked at Ruby Lake last night.

Garnia spawns, me and another hunter are there – a Horde hunter, so we can’t group or even talk.

Needless to say we both died, and of course I rezzed somewhere near the mobs that like to knock you off your mount then set you on fire.

That alone would be a pretty good Punk.

“HAHAHAHAHA another one died at Ruby Lake let’s put’em near the fire guys so they die again!”

But Blizzard is a little more sophisticated.

I get past the fire guys, back down to the Taxi Station and wait about 3 minutes until I get a bird.

Another 4 minute ride to the lake, bird flies over the lake and I see Garnia is still there sparkling with my loot.

Maybe they extended the despawn time in the patch?

I don’t care, I’m just happy I have a shot at loot if it doesn’t despawn before I get to it.

So I start killing the bird, the bird hovers for a second then swings around and drops me off the side of the mountain.

Yup, I died again and had to start all over.

Now it’s been more than 10 minutes, and it clocks up to about 17 minutes before I get back up to Ruby Lake for the second time.

Yes, I was watching the time.

This time I waited until the bird was about at the middle of the lake before I started killing it (who ever thought this was “fun” should be smacked with a rolled-up newspaper), land in the water and Garnia is still there with my loot.

Garnia had died “stuck” in the side of the tall cliff by the tree and quest chest, but I had the Glyph of Fetch and the Loot-a-Rang, so I was able to get my loot.

What do I get?  Coins.  No pet.

I logged off my Hunter, went back to my Priest and got the heck off Timeless Isle.

While I was checking my mail, I got a whisper from someone I didn’t know.

“Are you the hunter Angelcat that killed Garnia?”


“I just wondered if you got your loot.  I had to pick up a glyph of fetch to get it and wanted to let you know you can use your pet if you couldn’t reach it.”

“I have the glyph and the engineering Loot-a-Rang so I got my loot – did you get your loot?”

“yes, I got the pet”


Blizzard:  “You Got Punked!!”

True story – you can’t make up stuff like this…

On the bright side…

I haven’t been paying much attention to Brewfest but I’ve run a few toons for the Holiday Boss because I need the Brewfest Ram.

I was so burned out from the Punk-fest at Ruby Lake I forgot to open my kegs so I logged in the characters that ran it to see what I got.

One got the Brewfest Kodo I already have (can’t even sell it just have to delete it – that seems so wrong!) and one got the Brewfest Ram.

Brewfest Ram

Brewfest Ram

Now I never have to worry about that holiday again!

Why have I been so lucky with mounts lately and not pets?

Oh yeah…I’ve been Punked.

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