Yup, finally got one of those elusive Timeless Isle pets – Swarmling of Gu’chi.

Take that, RNG!

Take that, RNG!

Still got about 4 more tries at Garnia and no pet *bangs head on keyboard*

I did however, run into another character a few times up there who happily informed me he’s found 6 – count them, 6 – pets from Garnia and sold them for 50k each.

Since none of my “working” characters have been doing anything but running around Timeless Isle racking up massive repair costs, my gold reserves are hitting the negative numbers so no pet buying for me.

I’ve had a few of my 90s queuing for the holiday boss, but no Brewfest Ram yet.  I got the Brewfest Kodo a couple of years ago (and I got the meta for my Violet Drake) so I won’t be too worried if it doesn’t drop.

I’m more interested in pets than mounts anyway, although that doesn’t mean I won’t SQUEEE if I get one.

I just wish that pet would drop from Garnia so I can get off that stupid mountain.